Brand-new deck built with grey composite deck boards and complimentary black aluminum railing in Bonney Lake, WA

Project Description

In the vast realm of deck designs, sometimes simplicity, paired with the right materials, can create the most striking results. Such is the case with our recent project – a brand-new deck crafted from refined grey composite deck boards, accentuated with a contrasting black aluminum railing.

The heart and soul of this project were the chosen grey composite deck boards. Our extensive experience in the decking industry ensured we selected only the highest-quality materials. These boards not only promise longevity but also radiate a sophisticated aesthetic appeal.

Following the precise installation of the deck boards, we introduced the black aluminum railing. This addition is not only pivotal for safety but also serves as a stylish counterpoint to the grey decking. The sharp contrast, while simple, magnifies the elegance of the entire structure.

To amplify the functionality of the deck, we integrated custom seating. More than just a place to sit, these additions blend seamlessly with the deck’s design, further enhancing its visual appeal.

Post-construction, a thorough inspection ensured every board, nail, and railing met our standards of perfection. The beauty of this deck, apart from its appearance, lies in its durability and low-maintenance nature, ensuring it remains an asset for years to come.

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