Multi-tiered composite deck with custom staircases and complimentary aluminum trim in Beaux Arts Village, WA

Project Description

These images showcase a charming multi-tiered composite deck that Olympic Decks built in the lovely town of Beaux Arts Village, WA. The deck’s eye-catching design beautifully enhances the home’s distinctive and lively purple siding, making a bold and eclectic statement that radiates personality and charm. The composite decking material’s color was carefully chosen to blend with the home’s unique exterior and serve as a sophisticated backdrop for the colorful outdoor furniture and vibrant floral arrangements.

This two-tiered deck design maximizes the outdoor living space by providing different levels for entertaining, unwinding, and appreciating the lovely Beaux Arts Village views. Custom staircases seamlessly connect the different levels, blending functionality with architectural flair. Enhancing the deck is the sleek aluminum trim, adding a touch of sophistication to the design while complementing the modern style of the home.

The homeowners were overjoyed with their new deck, praising the way it turned their outdoor space into a chic and welcoming addition to their home in Beaux Arts Village. Opting for a muted color for the composite decking allows the vibrant purple of the home to stand out as the main attraction, with the deck acting as a refined and elegant backdrop for everyday moments of happiness and relaxation for the residents.

Olympic Decks has once again demonstrated their talent for crafting unique and eye-catching decks!

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