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Deck Builder In Redmond

Are you looking for a reliable deck builder in Redmond, Washington? If you have contacted a few deck builders already, you realized that many companies offering you deck services do not offer you a full service, starting with a custom design.

Hopefully, Olympic Decks is a builder with a full set of skills that can assist you in all the phases of your project. Having a custom deck
is a great addition to your house, and it increases the overall value of your property.

But you could wonder what the most popular types of decks
are, and which one would be best in your particular situation. In this article, we present you three major deck types we create regularly for our clients.

Looking for a Custom New Deck
in Redmond?

If you are looking for a professional deck builder in Redmond, Washington, it might be because you want your dream deck built
in your backyard. Every homeowner looking at their backyard sees on how they would like to occupy that space to host friends and family in the complete privacy and security of their property.

Most deck builders present you catalogs of pre-built decks that have very limited customization possible. However, a genuine deck builder, like Olympic Decks, will understand your vision of things. Once we understand your vision and preferences, we will create an exclusive design to match your unique needs.

Over the years, we have created hundreds of decks for our clients in the area, many dozens of them left us a positive review on Google. Check them out and you will see that our clients appreciate our customer-oriented approach and our professionalism.

Types of Decks

The type of deck that is best for you and your backyard depends on many factors. Of course, the land is a premier element. If your backyard is uneven, has slopes or even trees in the middle of the place, that affects not only the design but also the type of deck you will have.

The gap between your patio door and your backyard soil is also another important factor, including if you want to build a deck for your second floor. Here are three major types of deck structures we build for our clients:

  • Platform
  • Raised
  • Multi-level

A platform deck (sometimes called a patio) is usually used in a flat backyard that is pretty flush with the patio door. That is often the case for houses without a basement, for example. What we do then is to place a frame to support the surface boards and isolate them from the soil. No posts are used to elevate the frame and, generally, there are no railings around the surface because the deck is basically on the ground level.

The most popular deck type is the raised deck. It is required when the house has a basement or when the ground has an important height difference with the patio door. Pillars (or posts) are then placed in the ground to support the deck frame. It is important for the posts to be well positioned and secured to prevent any movement and to be sure they can support the weight. A raised deck can also be built for a second floor, acting either as a balcony or as a full deck with stairs going down. Railings are the norm for raised decks, since they are elevated and a fall from the deck might cause serious injuries.

Finally, there are the multi-level decks. That is usually a combination of raised decks areas of various heights, including platform sections, creating divisions in your outdoor living space. You could have, for example, a section for cooking/dining, then you would have a few steps (up or down) leading to a living/seating area. Those divisions also allow you to create a unique environment for each section, in which a different mood is created.

These decks are built for the backyard, but they can be placed anywhere around the house: front yard, side yard along the house, detached from the house, around a pool or a jacuzzi, etc. You can, of course, mix and match the designs of your choice to furnish and decorate your yard, like having a raised deck attached to your house, then a platform deck around an outdoor fireplace, etc.

All those types of decks can be done with either wood or composite materials. A composite deck does not provide the same warmth as wood, but requires less maintenance.

Contact our deck pros, at Olympic Decks, with your vision and they will guide you through type selection as well as the overall design of your dream deck, as a genuine deck builder should do.

Last Word

When you are looking for a deck builder in Redmond, Washington, make sure it has all the skills to complete your deck project. Many builders only sell catalog models ready to be assembled. Olympic Decks can create a custom model for you from scratch, implementing the ideas and vision you have in mind to fill up your backyard.

When deck builders limit themselves to catalog, they have little to none customization possible, so the deck would be just like the one your neighbor could get for his house. And it will not boost up the value of your property, while a genuine builder can create your vision.

Contact our dedicated builders today to start your dream deck project.

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