New composite deck matching exterior siding color with contrasting white aluminum railing in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Project Description

Enhancing a home often hinges on the harmonious interplay of its elements. Our recent endeavor — a new composite deck that beautifully mirrors the exterior siding’s color, offset by striking white aluminum railings — epitomizes this principle.

The heart of this undertaking was the composite deck, revered for its longevity and aesthetic charm. Mimicking the texture and look of natural wood, we meticulously ensured its hue resonated with the home’s exterior siding. This thoughtful color synchronization not only heightens the overall appearance but also fosters a cohesive, welcoming ambiance.

Adding safety with a touch of distinction, we incorporated pristine white aluminum railings. Their minimalist design not only guarantees security but also provides a visually pleasing contrast to the deck’s deeper shade.

The strategic color-matching of the deck with the siding goes beyond aesthetic appeal. It’s a deliberate design choice that envelopes the home in a unified, warm embrace. To cap off our project, we meticulously reviewed each detail, ensuring it met our high standards and your expectations.

We believe this deck is bound to spark envy among neighbors in Mountlake Terrace, Snohomish County. Whether you’ve witnessed its allure firsthand or are browsing our portfolio, Olympic Decks is at your service for all your decking needs.

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