Deck Builder in Woodway, Washington

Deck Builder In Woodway

Deck Builder in Woodway, Washington

If you are looking for a deck builder in Woodway, Washington, look no further. Unlike common deck builders, we are a one-stop solution for all your deck needs. We design from scratch the perfect deck matching your needs and preferences to host and entertain your friends and family, the way you want it. We understand the base for the design is your intended use, not a catalog.

Today, we will discuss at length the materials. It is never a straightforward choice between wood and composite materials. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will explain to you why one is better than the other in some aspects, so you can have solid arguments for your choice.

Olympic Decks — Your Trusted Deck Builder in Woodway, Washington

Olympic Decks is a genuine deck builder proud to have served Woodway for many years already. We have many satisfied customers throughout the area for whom we have built or resurfaced decks, designed and installed fences or louvered roofs. Many of those clients have left us a positive review on Google.

Unlike a general builder showing catalogs of prebuilt models, we will listen to your needs and preferences in order to design from scratch a unique deck for you, one that will enhance the beauty and value of your property.

Contact us today to discuss any project of yours for your backyard, and we will make it a reality.

Wood Vs. Composite Materials

When you approach deck builders to have a deck done for your backyard, they should be able to give you ample choices for customization, including the materials to be used. When dealing with models from a catalog, the customization will be pretty limited, especially in terms of materials. However, if you deal with a genuine builder, like Olympic Decks, you will have the choice between wood and composite materials. Each has its pros and cons.

Let us compare them on six different aspects you should consider when deciding between a wooden deck and a composite deck.

Best for:

  • Look and Feel (Wood)
  • Initial Cost (Wood)
  • Ecological Impact (Wood)
  • Care and Maintenance (Composite)
  • Resistance and Durability (Composite)
  • Suitable for Children (Composite)

For a deck, people love to have the look and feel of natural wood. Wood has an intricate warmth, both for the eyes and the hands, that cannot be fully reproduced by composite materials. Although wood work is usually pretty limited on a deck, there is still that sensation that it has been crafted by expert hands.

Over their lifespan, the overall cost of a wooden deck and composite deck will be almost the same once you consider all the maintenance costs over the years. However, the initial cost for a wooden deck of the same quality range will be much lower and will cost you about half of what a composite deck will cost you.

Wood is, of course, a natural product that is grown sustainably and has no carbon footprint for its production. In fact, a tree captures carbon. And once its useful life has been completed, it will quickly degrade into soil, having a low ecological impact. On the other hand, composite materials contain plastics and other petroleum-based products that have a heavy carbon footprint for their production and are nearly impossible to degrade at the end of their useful life.

For care and maintenance, however, composite materials win hands down. The maintenance of a composite deck can be summarized as a good cleaning once or twice a year. While a wooden deck will also require sanding, sealing, staining or painting every two to five years (depending on the wood species and your climate).

In terms of resistance, composite materials win again. With composite materials, you will not have to worry about insect or rotting damage, they are also extremely resistant to scratches and will not warp or bow, they will not split, stain or fade due to sun exposure. Of course, composite materials are also more resistant to water splashes and rain, so they are the perfect choice around a pool, for example.

Because of all those resistant features, especially against splinters, composite materials are more suitable for decks where there are children playing. These could be your children, the ones of your neighbors or those of your friends and family you host and entertain.

In summary, wood is a better choice if your primary concerns are about the look and feel, the initial cost and the ecological impact. However, if your major concerns revolve more about care and maintenance, resistance and durability and children’s suitability, then composite materials win.

That is a tough decision to make, and our experts will help you. Contact them to get their advice.

Final Thoughts

When looking around for a deck builder in Woodway, Washington, consider the range of services each builder can offer you. While most deck builders offer you the installation of a prebuilt model from a catalog, only a few genuine builders can create the deck of your dreams from scratch and make it a reality in your backyard. We have years of experience in decks and other backyard structures like fences and louvered roofs.

We saw how important the selection of the materials for your deck is, and on what criteria to base your choice. Our experts will be able to answer any question you may still have.

Contact us today to begin the process of building your dream deck!

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