Deck Builder in Clyde Hill, Washington

Deck Builder In Clyde Hill

If you are looking for a deck builder in Clyde Hill, Washington, to build you a custom deck or to resurface your existing deck, you need to find a multifaceted business that can do it all for you. Olympic Decks is such a company, thanks to its many years of experience of building decks in your area.

Unlike other builders, we can create a custom deck design based on your needs and preferences, not just hand you a catalog full of standard models. We also use our expertise to give your deck a brand-new look by resurfacing it.

Experts like us follow a strict process to replace the surface boards and railings of an existing deck. In this article, we detail you our five-step process followed by our experts to complete the resurfacing operation.

Looking for a Deck Builder in Clyde Hill, Washington, To Resurface Your Deck?

When looking for a deck builder to resurface a deck, you find that not all builders offer such a service. Only genuine deck builders have the expertise required to resurface a deck, because they need to be well versed in the safety rules and inspections of an existing deck.

Olympic Decks is such a genuine professional builder serving Clyde Hill area. We can build you a custom new deck, fence or louvered roof. We can also repair any fence and resurface your deck. We have years of experience in building and resurfacing decks, so we can anticipate any challenge and finish the project on time and within the budget.

Call us today to see some of our past projects in your area and you will see we are experts. We are proud to transform the backyard of our customers and to let them fully enjoy their time outdoors.

Our Five-Step Resurfacing Process

With the passage of time, your deck will show signs of wear and tear, damaged by use and the weather over the years. If your support structure (pillars and frame) is still in good shape, you could save a good amount of money by resurfacing your deck instead of building a new one. Not all deck builders offer this service, but Olympic Decks does. Here’s our five-step resurfacing process:

  • Safety inspection
  • Preparation
  • Repairs (if needed)
  • Installation
  • Cleaning

The first step is the safety inspection. Our experts will go to your property to inspect your current deck. They will inspect the pillars (posts), the frame structure, the spacing between the joists, the railing elements, the fixtures, etc. They will verify all the components and determine if some of them need to be repaired.

Next is the preparation phase. The first thing in this phase is to get the required building permits from your municipality to be able to carry out the construction work. With permits in hands, we will begin to remove the railings and the surface boards. We will finish the inspection of the support structure to make sure no other repairs are needed.

Then comes the repairs step. If any of the support structure needs to be repaired or replaced, our expert will proceed in order to solidify the structure and make sure it respects the current building code. Some clients use that resurfacing operation to change the layout or to extend their current deck. If needed, we will modify or extend the current frame and add posts.

After we are sure the support structure is in perfect condition, we will proceed to the installation of the new surface boards. The boards do not have to be applied in the same pattern they were before; we can change the floor design of your deck. Of course, your new deck boards can be of any color or material of your choosing.

Even if your support structure is in wood, you could still choose to have your deck boards made of composite materials. There are pros and cons, but a composite deck will require less maintenance and will last longer than a traditional wood deck.

The resurfacing process ends with a cleaning phase. We will, of course, remove any debris left, we will get rid of any saw dust, etc., to make sure your new deck is clean and ready to be used. Our experts will perform a final inspection to make sure everything is in order and up to your satisfaction before leaving you a brand-new looking deck to entertain friends and family.

Contact our experts today to discuss the resurfacing of your existing deck.


When looking for a deck builder in Clyde Hill, Washington, you need to consider many factors. This is especially true when it comes to resurfacing an existing deck. A regular deck builder offering you decks from a catalog is just a deck installer, and that builder probably does not have the expertise to inspect, repair, and change the surface boards of your current deck.

With Olympic Decks, our experts will go to your home to inspect the existing structure and make sure the posts and frame are solid and in good condition. We will also make sure your installation complies with the current standards and repair or replace any element that needs to be updated. We will replace your surface boards with new ones, which could be of wood or composite materials, according to your preferences.

Contact us today to discuss your needs regarding deck building or deck resurfacing.

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