Deck Builder in Mercer Island, Washington

Deck Builder In Mercer Island

Deck Builder on Mercer Island, Washington

If you are looking for a deck builder on Mercer Island, Washington, to create you a custom deck to enhance the beauty and the value of your property, you found it. Olympic Decks is one of the rare genuine deck builders able to design the plan of a custom deck for you, build it and assemble it in your backyard. Most other builders simply sell you a prebuilt deck model from a catalog.

Having a custom deck created specifically for your needs and your house has many advantages, as we will see in this article. That is the best way to fully enjoy your time outdoors with friends and family, while remaining in the privacy and comfort of your property.

Top Custom Deck Builder on Mercer Island, Washington

When you are looking for a deck builder able to create a custom deck for your backyard on Mercer Island, it is important that you find a builder with lots of experience not only in installation of a deck but also in the design and creation of a custom solution.

Olympic Decks is such a company with a vast experience in building custom decks from scratch for our clients. We also resurface existing decks to refresh their looks. Finally, we can complete your backyard with a custom fence or a louvered roof.

Throughout the years of serving customers on the island and in the rest of the Greater Seattle Area, we have changed the lives of thousands of happy customers. Among those, a few dozens were generous enough to leave us a positive review on Google.

Contact our team today to begin your project.

Advantages of a Custom Deck

Many homeowners look at their empty backyard and hope it would be equipped to let them host and entertain friends and family. They have a vision, a dream, about how they would like to welcome their loved ones in their backyard. Unfortunately, when browsing magazines or websites, they see nothing matching that vision.

So, they look for a general deck builder only to realize that all they have to suggest are generic catalog models to be assembled in their backyard. Nothing that really matches their needs or the style of their house.

You need to deal with a genuine professional builder, specialized in deck building and deck resurfacing, to create a custom deck for you. There are many advantages of a custom deck solution, including:

  • Customization of the Area
  • Customization of the Zones
  • Customization of the Style
  • Customization of the Materials and Colors
  • Increase the Value of Your Property

The customization of the area is a fancy term to say you can have as much space as you need. It is obvious that if you receive 20 people every weekend, you will need more space than someone who rarely receives any guests. The number of guests you usually have will determine the square footage you need for your deck. Of course, there will occasionally have bigger events, but those are exceptions, not the rule.

The customization of the zones implies you determine the area allocated to each functional zone of your deck: kitchen, dining room, living room, pool, etc. That could also mean to have a path leading to a detached deck zone for an outdoor sitting area, a fireplace, a jacuzzi, a pool, etc. Everything is flexible in terms of organization of the zones and their footprint.

The customization of the style includes many things. First, the overall layout of your deck if it has multiple functional zones: will all the zones be on the same floor or will they be divided by variations of heights? You could also style each zone differently, with different materials or colors. Finally, the style can be done to match or complement the design of your house.

Finally, the customization of the materials and colors means you can have total liberty in the selection of materials (wood or composite materials). Having a composite deck offers many benefits, especially in terms of maintenance, but it has some negative sides too, like cost. Our pros will guide you in the best selection for your particular situation.

Overall, a custom deck is an excellent way to increase the value of your property. If you opt for a generic deck solution, you will not have the space you need, the materials you want, the colors to match your house, etc. At the end, this will negatively affect the value of your property, while a custom solution will increase it.

As you see, having a custom deck designed and built by professionals has many advantages. Contact us to discuss the dream deck you envision for your backyard.

Last Word

When looking for a deck builder on Mercer Island, Washington, you see that not all deck builders are the same. Rare are the genuine builders covering the island and offering you the possibility to transpose into your backyard the exact vision you have in your mind.

With a totally custom deck, you will host and entertain your friends and family the way you always wanted. What better way is there to spend time outside and enjoy the great Pacific Coast weather?

Olympic Decks is there to create your dream deck, but also your dream fence and louvered roof, to maximize the privacy and use of your backyard.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas for your backyard with our specialists.

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