Deck Builder in Lynnwood, Washington

Deck Builder In Lynnwood

Deck Builder in Lynnwood, Washington

If you are looking for a deck builder in Lynnwood, Washington, either to build a brand-new deck or resurface an existing deck, you need to deal with genuine professionals. Olympic Decks is a true deck builder creating custom decks from scratch: designing, building, and assembling them professionally. Being such a builder, covering all the phases of the lifespan of a deck (including resurfacing), gives us a unique expertise for anything related to decks.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of resurfacing an existing deck damaged by the passage of time, rather than rebuilding it completely.

Deck Resurfacer and Deck Builder in Lynnwood, Washington

When you are looking for a partner among deck builders to resurface your deck, not all builders can be trusted with such a task. A resurfacing operation implies expertise in structure inspection to ensure that the support system is in good condition and respects the current standards. A general contractor installing decks from a catalog does not have that expertise.

However, a genuine deck builder, like Olympic Decks, has the required skills and experience to do so. We are proud to have served Lynnwood for many years now, and we have built and resurfaced hundreds of decks. We are also experts in custom fences and louvered roofs.

Contact our experts to see how they can assist you in giving your deck and backyard a whole new look so you will be happy to receive friends and family.

Benefits of Resurfacing a Deck

If you are looking at your damaged deck and wonder how to fix it, you need to contact a genuine and professional deck builder who has the skills and experience to evaluate the condition of your current deck and replace the surface boards.

When looking at an aged deck, most people just think about demolishing it and build a new one. But if the support structure (posts and frame) is still in good condition, you can save both time and money by just replacing the visible boards of your deck. Before doing so, you need to perform a complete safety inspection. Olympic Decks, unlike a regular builder or contractor, has the specialists and the experience required to carry out such inspection and make sure your structure is solid.

Here are the primary advantages of resurfacing instead of rebuilding a deck:

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Can Change Layout
  • Choice of Materials

Resurfacing a deck saves time because you do not have to demolish and rebuild the support structure. The demolition of the frame and the removal of the posts is very time consuming. When you only change the surface boards, you skip this lengthy operation and replace it with a safety inspection.

Because it saves you time, a resurfacing also saves money. You obviously save on labor costs, but also on material costs, because you do not have to replace the posts and frame structure. You might have to replace one or two pieces of the entire support structure to ensure an optimal safety, but that is nothing compared to replacing the whole structure.

When people think about resurfacing, they think the operation is limited to just changing the surface boards. That can be the case, but it does not have to. Many customers use the resurfacing operation to expand their deck surface and change their deck layout. We can easily add a few support posts and extend the support frame to increase your deck area, giving you more possibilities to host friends and family. Even if you do not expand your deck area, you still have the possibility to change the layout of the boards and totally change the look of your deck.

Another thing people do not consider when it comes to deck resurfacing is that you still have the choice of materials you use for your surface boards. Yes, you can choose to refresh the look of your deck using wood or composite materials, regardless of the materials used on your support structure. A composite deck offers you very interesting advantages compared to a wooden deck. Our pros will guide you on the best choice of materials for your deck.

As we have seen, there are many benefits of resurfacing a deck rather than rebuilding it. Contact our experts to learn more and see if resurfacing is the option to refresh your aging deck.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for a deck builder in Lynnwood, Washington, to give a fresh look to your time-battered deck, you need to look beyond the general contractors offering you the installation of catalog models. You need to look for genuine deck builders, like Olympic Decks.

We have the broadest expertise in terms of decks since we also design them. We can thus create your dream deck meeting all your needs and preferences by drawing it and building it in your own backyard. After many years of service, deck surface boards will show signs of aging. It is possible to replace those surface boards without rebuilding the whole deck. A resurfacing offered by professional builders gives a fresh look to your deck while saving both time and money.

With our broadest expertise in all backyard equipment, we go beyond decks; we build custom fences and we repair any other fences, and we do the same for louvered roofs.

Contact us today to start your backyard improvement project by talking to our specialists.

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