Large raised composite deck with striking black aluminum railing and custom staircase in Sammamish, WA

Project Description

Here at Olympic Decks, we’re thrilled to walk you through this gem we crafted in the heart of Sammamish, WA. It’s more than just a composite deck; it’s a labor of love, designed to meld with the great outdoors that our Pacific Northwest is known for. We chose a resilient composite decking that sports a classy gray shade, a perfect match for the home’s stylish dark siding and a champion against our notorious weather.

The standout feature? That’d be the sleek black aluminum railings. They’re not just there to keep you safe; they frame the deck with a modern edge and let you take in the view without a hitch. Plus, they look sharp against the deck’s gray—like a suit tailored to perfection.

We knew that the staircase had to be something special, too. So, we made it match—same sturdy composite, same chic black railings. It flows right into the yard, making stepping in and out a breeze.

Peek underneath, and you’ll spot the solid foundation we put in. Robust wooden pillars stand firm, all held together with some serious hardware. We even laid down gravel below, keeping things tidy and taking care of any pesky weeds or water that might want to hang around.

In every plank and post of this raised deck, you’ll find a bit of our heart and soul. That’s what Olympic Decks is all about—creating spaces that aren’t just built, but are woven into the fabric of your home in Sammamish, WA. This deck, with its blend of practicality and sleek design, isn’t just something we put together; it’s a place where your family will gather, laugh, and make those moments that you’ll talk about for years to come. It’s our handiwork on display, and we couldn’t be prouder.

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