New deck in Normandy Park, WA with V-shaped deck board pattern in light brown

Project Description

In the peaceful neighborhood of Normandy Park, WA, Olympic Decks is excited to present our latest creation: a beautifully crafted deck with an innovative V-shaped board pattern that is both visually striking and uniquely functional. This deck not only enhances the home’s outdoor charm but also seamlessly integrates with the existing landscape, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

The light brown hue of the composite decking material was carefully chosen to complement the home’s exterior palette. It brings a warm and natural feel to the deck, while the V-shaped pattern of the boards draws the eye outward, accentuating the deck’s generous dimensions and offering an artistic touch by our Normandy Park deck builders. This pattern isn’t merely for looks; it’s an example of our commitment to creating designs that are as beautiful as they are purposeful.

One of the distinctive features of this deck project is the thoughtful integration of a slight drop from the main deck to the new extension. This level change was intentionally designed to define separate areas for dining and lounging, without the need for railings that could obstruct the view. It subtly delineates the space while maintaining an open concept, encouraging flow and interaction between the different zones.

The decision to incorporate this level of variation also serves a practical purpose. It allows for better drainage and accommodates the natural slope of the yard, ensuring that the integrity of the structure is maintained without compromising on design. This feature showcases our ability to tailor our decks not only to our clients’ aesthetic preferences but also to the specific landscape of their property.

Upon completion, the homeowners were overjoyed with the transformation. The deck has become a focal point for family gatherings, a tranquil spot for morning coffee, and an elegant stage for evening entertainment under the stars. The new extension, with its subtle drop, has added a dynamic element to their outdoor living space in Normandy Park, that is both functional and visually appealing.

This deck stands as a symbol of Olympic Decks’ dedication to delivering innovative design solutions that are thoughtfully integrated into each home’s unique setting, ensuring that each project is as individual as the homeowners themselves.

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