Deck Builder in Everett, Washington

Deck Builder In Everett

When looking for a deck builder in Everett, Washington, you will find many companies promoting themselves as deck builders. However, genuine deck builders are pretty rare. Olympic Decks is a real deck builder offering its expertise to homeowners.

We can create your dream deck from scratch and we are proud to have transformed the backyard of many homes in Everett. Over the years, we have built hundreds of decks: wooden decks and composite decks. Composite materials have revolutionized the world of decks and outdoor living. Our pros will guide you in the selection of the best materials for your situation.

Today, we want to highlight another backyard structure that is gaining in popularity: a louvered roof. We will examine some of its benefits.

Why Choose Olympic Decks as Your Deck Builder in Everett, Washington?

When you are interviewing contractors to assist you in your deck project, consider the entire spectrum of skills and experience a deck builder can bring to your project. Olympic Decks has a vast experience creating brand-new decks, resurfacing decks, building fences as well as louvered roofs.

Unlike other builders, making decks as a side job, our diversified experience in outdoor structure is a major asset for building anything that goes in your backyard. We have faced all challenges in past projects, so we are fully ready to tackle them again if they come up in your project. That ensures you a quick resolution that will not affect the cost or the delivery date of your project.

As a builder, nothing makes us prouder than to receive accolades from our clients, mentioning the quality of our work and the positive impact the project had on their lives. Many dozens of our past customers have taken the time to leave us a positive review on Google.

Contact us to join the ranks of our satisfied customers.

Benefits of a Louvered Roof

Louvered roofs are a new trend that found themselves a way in our outdoor living life. It is a well-known fact that everything done outdoors in the privacy and security of our property is more enjoyable, especially when it is done with friends and family. However, the natural elements are getting more intense and often limit our enjoyment of those situations. You might have a great deck to entertain your guests, but the West Coast hard sun or the frequent rain showers are playing party poopers.

The solution is a louvered roof, which can be closed, partially opened or totally opened, depending on the day and of your preferences. Louvered roofs have many benefits, including

  • Protecting people from rain and sun
  • Protecting your deck
  • Controlling the temperature
  • Offering a better ventilation than a fixed roof

The obvious reason people consider a louvered roof is to protect themselves and their guests of the rain and of the sun. In the Greater Seattle Area, sun is very enjoyable most of the time, although it can be too strong on occasions. The region is also famous for frequent rain showers. Louvered roofs offer you a protection for both situations, thanks to their versatility.

What people often overlook, however, is the benefit it brings to your deck. A deck below a louvered roof will be less exposed to the elements, so it will have a longer lifespan. It will be less damaged by the rain episodes and will also be cooked less intensely under the warmth and the sun. This will help keep your deck in perfect condition for a longer period, and will reduce your regular maintenance.

Beyond the sun and rain protection, louvered roofs are great tools to control the temperature under them. Is it too hot to fully enjoy the day out? Close the roof, partially or totally, to block the sun. You can rotate the louvers to block the sun, but keep the roof partially opened to let the warmth go through, using the natural flow of warm air to go up. At night, close the roof totally to prevent the warmth from escaping the structure and maintain a cozy temperature below.

Besides the temperature benefits we just discussed, the control over ventilation has other advantages. For example, if you have a fixed roof, and you are cooking BBQ under it, all the smoke and smells would remain under the fixed roof. With a louvered roof, you can easily crack open the roof by rotating the louvers to let the smoke get out. You can orient the louvers to block the wind or to let it in.

Based on your preferences, the type of activities you have, the orientation of your house and the direction from where the winds normally come in your sector, our expert builders will give you sound advice regarding the building and orientation of your louvered roof. Put us to the test.

Final Thoughts

Olympic Decks is a reliable and professional deck builder in Everett, Washington, offering its expertise for the creation of custom decks, the resurfacing of decks as well as for the construction and installation of fences and louvered roofs throughout the region.

When shopping around for deck builders, pick one based on their past projects, not just based on a catalog of products they can install in your backyard. We are a genuine deck builder offering you custom and innovative solutions.

Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your backyard.

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