Multi-tiered deck resurface with black aluminum railings and custom staircases in Algona, WA

Project Description

These homeowners in Algona, WA, reached out to Olympic Decks to take on an extensive multi-deck resurfacing project. The task was complex, requiring a meticulous approach to both the narrow upper deck and the spacious lower level, connected by custom staircases that are a feature in their own right.

For the upper deck, space was at a premium. Our design had to maximize the area while ensuring it remained open and inviting. The choice of black aluminum railings was both strategic and stylish, providing an unobstructed view of the surroundings and a modern contrast to the warm tones of the decking. Despite its compact dimensions, this upper deck offers a retreat-like feel, perfect for quiet contemplation or intimate gatherings.

The staircases command attention, not just as a practical element but as a showcase of craftsmanship. The two-tone pattern on the stairs was a challenge that our team met with enthusiasm and skill. This intricate design feature adds a dynamic visual appeal, guiding the transition between levels with a touch of sophistication. The black railings continue along the stairs, ensuring safety and style go hand in hand.

On the ground level, the large deck serves as a perfect space for family activities. It’s a safe, enclosed space ideal for children and pets to play, designed with both safety and durability in mind. This area truly embodies the concept of an outdoor room, extending the living space beyond the conventional confines of the home.

Every board laid and railing installed was a testament to our Algona deck builders’ commitment to beauty and functionality. The homeowners were just thrilled with the outcome, praising the seamless blend of the decks into their daily lives. The lower deck has become a stage for family life, while the upper deck, with its majestic staircases, stands as a testament to the possibilities inherent in any space, no matter the challenges it may present.

This project in Algona, WA, is a proud representation of Olympic Decks’ dedication to transforming challenging spaces into beautiful, practical, and enjoyable areas. The end result serves as proof of the ingenuity and expertise that we bring to every project, and no matter the complexity of the project, our Algona Deck Company can create beauty in any outdoor space.

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