Deck Builder in Bellevue, Washington

Deck Builder In Bellevue

If you are a homeowner from Bellevue, Washington, looking at your empty backyard, you might decide it is time to fill this emptiness and furnish your backyard in order to receive friends and family members properly.

If you are looking for a deck builder in Bellevue, Washington, you have landed on the right page. With Olympic Decks, you have a professional deck building company able to assist you in the concretization of your dream deck. In this article, we will discuss the choice of materials for your deck. This question is relevant both for the construction of a new deck and for the resurfacing of an existing one.

Looking for a Deck Builder in Bellevue, Washington

If you are looking for deck builders serving the Bellevue area, you see that you have many choices. By looking more closely at each of those builders, you notice that most are deck installers, offering you to install a generic and standard catalog model, with limited choices of design and colors to enhance the beauty of your property.

You will also see there is a professional deck building company offering custom decks built from scratch, exactly as you envision it in your dreams: Olympic Decks. Such a custom creation is perfect to match your needs for hosting friends and family, as well as for increasing the overall value of your property. With an experienced partner like us, your dream deck will become a reality, and sooner than you think! We are proud to be a partner to transform your backyard, and change your life.

Building Materials

Contrary to those common deck contractors offering you generic models from a catalog, with limited choices of materials and colors, Olympic Decks is a professional deck designer and deck builder. That means that you will have total liberty for the materials and colors for your new deck or fence. Once the design of your new deck has been created or selected, the next question to address is which materials will be used to build it. Nowadays, the choice is between:

  • Wood
  • Composite materials

A wooden deck is the classic choice of many builders, due to its unbeatable warmth and texture. It can come in various natural shades and colors, based on the species used, then it can be tinted to give it a new shade or hue while preserving the natural grain look, or it could be painted. However, even when properly treated and maintained over the years, wood has a limited life expectancy and needs to be replaced after 10–15 years normally. After that time, you either need to resurface your deck by replacing the visible boards (assuming your posts and support structure are still sound), or replace the deck completely.

These days, many owners opt for composite materials when resurfacing an existing deck or create a brand-new one from scratch. These composite materials have many advantages, including a longer duration and ease of maintenance. Indeed, a composite deck requires little to no maintenance on a regular basis and can last 10 years longer than a wooden deck.

There are many brands of composite materials for deck boards and posts. Each manufacturer has its own selection of types of composite materials. We could write pages and pages on the variations of composite materials available and the pros and cons of each of them.

The choice could be complex depending on your location, direct sunlight exposure or not, types and frequency of use, maintenance requirements, and the look you want to have for your deck.

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Choose the Olympic Decks Team!

When shopping around to find the best partner to create the deck of your dreams inside your backyard in order to use this space to host and entertain friends and family, keep in mind that partnering with a business that has lots of experience in all phases of a deck construction (from design to installation) is better than working with a general constructor merely installing a catalog model.

A professional and dedicated deck builder like Olympic Decks is the best partner you can have. We will listen to you and take the time to understand your needs and desires, then we will create a design just for you. We will modify the original drawings as often as needed to match your vision, then we will build and assemble it in your backyard.

We keep talking about decks, because that is mostly what our clients ask for, but we can also design, build and install fences and louvered roofs.

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When shopping around to find a reliable deck builder in Bellevue, Washington, you need to consider how broad the expertise of the builders is. A mere installer might not have the skills required to implement in your backyard your vision of a dream deck, or might not be able to solve the challenges that might come along the way.

However, a professional decking company, like Olympic Decks, has all the experience and expertise required to create from scratch your dream deck, offer you the best materials to do it (wood or composite materials) and face any unexpected challenge during the building and installation of your deck.

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