Deck Builder in Shoreline, Washington

Deck Builder In Shoreline

Are you looking for a deck builder in Shoreline, Washington, to completely transform your backyard (and your hosting possibilities)? Among the various deck builders serving your area, Olympic Decks is a genuine deck-oriented builder offering you all the services related to decks, from the conception to the installation.

In this article, we will explore the things you need to consider for the design of your deck before even look at a deck catalog or approach a custom deck builder. Keep reading to learn more about important things to consider.

Why Choose Olympic Decks for Your Deck Project in Shoreline

When looking for a deck builder in Shoreline, Washington, consider many factors. One of them is the familiarity of the deck builder with your climate. Since Olympic Decks is based in Seattle, we perfectly understand the weather in your area, affecting not only the choice of materials but also the design of the structure to be put in your backyard.

We are a professional deck building company offering the design, construction and installation of new custom decks as well as resurfacing existing decks to give them a brand-new look. We also create custom cedar fences and louvered roofs to enhance your backyard and improve the outdoor use of your property.

We are proud to say we have served the Greater Seattle Area for many years now, counting on hundreds of satisfied customers.

Contact us today to begin your journey towards your dream deck in Shoreline.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Deck Usage

Way before the first nail or the first board is in place, a deck begins with a vision. A unique vision each homeowner has about the use of their backyard. Each one has a vision of how they see their backyard space being used to receive friends and family on various or frequent occasions. That thinking has to be done before shopping around for decks and builders. Here are some questions you want to ask yourself before exploring any solution, because they will lead to a list of requirements you should have for your new deck when you meet with a deck builder.

  • Number of guests
  • Functions/areas
  • How many levels?
  • Materials

The number of guests you expect to have regularly is very important to determine the square footage you will need to host those people comfortably. If you want to host 20 people every weekend, a 10 ft × 10 ft square deck will not do the job. We talk here about the upper bound of the number of regular guests, not considering the extraordinary events (like parties).

In functions/areas, list the activities you want to happen on your deck. Do you want only a small BBQ area and a four-seating outdoor dining table? Do you want a bigger dining area? Do you want it to go around your pool, jacuzzi or fireplace? Do you want to have an outdoor living area with sofas, armchairs, and so on?

How many levels do you want? Do you want it all on a single level, flushed with your patio door, where all the functions take place on the same floor? Or do you want to split the various functions/areas by differentiating them by levels? That way, you could have your dining area on one level, and your living/seating area on another level, creating a unique environment and mood.

Do you have a preference for the materials used? Do you prefer the look and warmth of wood or the convenience of composite materials? A composite deck requires little to no maintenance to preserve its look for many years.

Those are all questions you should answer by yourself before contacting a builder. Yes, the builder will provide you with more options, but it will always start with what you need and what you want. This is the list of basic requirements for your dream deck.

Bring your wish list to our experts; we will design your dream deck from scratch, just for you.

Let Olympic Decks Create Your Deck

At Olympic Decks, we are experts for anything related to your backyard. As genuine professional deck builder, our pros can create a brand-new deck for you, matching the vision you have in mind to perfectly entertain friends and families in the safety of your property. We will design a deck that will complement your house and increase the overall value of your property.

If your deck needs to be resurfaced, that could also be the occasion to refresh its design and expand its square footage at the same time. Our designers can work with your existing structure to expand it and enrich your outdoor experience.

Contact our experts for any need related to your backyard and we will provide you with a free estimation, detailing all costs and timelines for your project.

Final Thoughts

When looking around for a deck builder in Shoreline, Washington, you need to consider all the services and expertise the builders have. At Olympic Decks, we are experts in creating custom decks to perfectly match your needs. We also do deck resurfacing to give your deck a new look that will last for decades. Since we are deck designers, we can also expand or remodel your existing deck to make it more convenient for you.

Contact us today for all your deck needs and we will explore various solutions to match your specific requirements and vision.

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