Deck Builder in Kirkland, Washington

Deck Builder In Kirkland

If you are looking for a professional deck builder in Kirkland, Washington, you landed on the right page. Olympic Decks is an experienced professional deck building company that can put in your backyard the deck you are dreaming about to receive and entertain friends and families. We can also resurface your deck or install a custom fence or a louvered roof to let you fully enjoy your time outside.

Keep reading to see how we can transform your backyard and, thus, transform your life.

Looking for a Top Deck Builder in Kirkland, Washington

When browsing for a reliable and professional deck builder in the Greater Seattle Area, you will notice that a lot of them simply offer you to assemble a deck, fence or louvered roof picked up from a catalog. Hopefully, there is a genuine deck builder able to create your dream deck from scratch or to resurface your existing deck to give it a fresh new look.

Homeowners may have a hard time finding a top-quality deck-building company among all the deck builders promoting themselves in the area. When looking at the various deck builders, check out all the services they offer you. The broader the services, the more experienced the contractor is. Then take a look at their past projects and their online reviews.

Different Structures (Decks, Fences, Louvered Roofs)

Nowadays, homeowners have a choice among various structures to furnish their backyard and increase their enjoyment of the time they spend in their backyard with friends and families. Here are four ways Olympic Decks can transform your backyard and let you have more fun outdoors within the security of your property:

A new deck is when you want to create a brand-new deck in your backyard, or expand one that is already there. Unlike many deck builders who are mere deck installers of catalog models, we can design from scratch the deck of your dreams, implementing the vision you have in mind for your backyard. We will factor in all your uses, desires, preferences, architecture of your house and layout of your backyard, among other things, to create the perfect deck for your house in Kirkland.

A resurfaced deck is when the existing posts and support structure of an existing deck are still solid, but the surface boards need to be replaced, mostly because of the passage of time. Some take advantage of this occasion to redesign or expand their current deck. When resurfacing a deck, you can choose among an extensive selection of materials (wood and a variety of composite materials). A composite deck has many advantages, which differ from those of a wooden deck. Our deck pros will be able to guide you on what is best for your installation.

A fence is usually required in two circumstances: to limit your property or to protect a specific area, like a pool. In both scenarios, having a custom fence adapted to your specific needs is a great asset and a major boost to the value of your property. Building a custom fence that matches your house’s architecture, complements its colors, while offering you all the protection and privacy you need is something we do regularly for our satisfied clients.

A louvered roof, one of the latest trends in outdoor living, is an innovative way to enjoy the sun and warmth, even when it drizzles. Consider a louvered roof as a convertible deck roof. When closed, it protects you from rain, wind and intense sun. When totally opened, you can fully enjoy the sun and the breeze. You can also go anywhere between those two points to get some shade.

We are primarily a deck builder offering you our builder expertise to create custom backyard structures for your house. Contact us to see how we can transform your backyard.

Olympic Decks— A Deck Building Team You Can Trust

Olympic Decks has been serving the State of Washington, and particularly the Seattle area, for many years now. Throughout this time, we are proud to say we have transformed the backyard and the lives of hundreds of clients in the area. After our collaboration, these homeowners were able to host friends and family in their backyard the way they always dreamed of. Many dozens of them left us positive reviews on Google.

We are a client-centered builder, focusing on your needs and desires, unlike other builders offering you simply catalog models. We will sit down with you and discuss your needs in detail, before suggesting you a brand-new design or one adapted to your specific needs.

Contact us to get your free estimate, that will be our bond for your project. We always deliver on time and on cost.

Last Word

When looking for a deck builder in Kirkland, Washington, make sure you check all the services the company can actually perform for you. The longer the list of possible services or structures, the broader the experience and a greater capacity to deal with surprises along the way.

Olympic Decks is an experienced company, with years of building backyard structures and fences to enhance your outdoor living space. We have dozens of reviews of satisfied customers and we will be happy to show you an extensive list of our past projects. Not every deck builder will be that forthcoming.

Call us or write to us today to start your dream deck project.

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