Raised deck resurfaced with premium composite decking in Puyallup, WA

Project Description

Olympic Decks is renowned for top-tier deck resurfacing, particularly using premium composite decking materials. Our history is rich with projects that consistently outshine client expectations, solidifying our reputation as the premier choice for outdoor space renovations.

Consider one of our recent undertakings: a raised deck in need of a fresh surface. The task demanded excellence, and true to our form, we delivered just that.

For this project, we selected high-grade composite decking boards, prized for their durability and low-maintenance nature. As we began the installation, precise alignment was paramount to achieve the desired finish. Given the deck’s elevation, it was crucial to ensure that the underlying structure was also sound, eliminating any potential issues like the unsettling creaks of aged floorboards.

As we neared completion, our team meticulously inspected the entire deck for any imperfections or inconsistencies. After all, our commitment is to deliver a final product that leaves no trace of the old wear and tear. Once assured of the deck’s integrity, the final design elements were integrated, enhancing the aesthetic charm of the space.

With the project wrapped up, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable. If you’re located in Puyallup, Pierce County, and are contemplating a deck makeover like this, look no further. With Olympic Decks, you’re guaranteed an outdoor space that combines both beauty and functionality. Don’t wait — reach out and let’s start your deck’s transformation today!

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