Deck Builder in Newcastle, Washington

Deck Builder In Newcastle

Deck Builder in Newcastle, Washington

If you are looking for a deck builder in Newcastle, Washington, it could be because you want to have a brand-new deck installed in your backyard, ideally a custom-made one to increase the value of your property, or because you are looking for a company to resurface your existing deck.

Not all deck builders are qualified and experienced in resurfacing decks. However, Olympic Decks is one of those rare companies serving your area that has genuine builders able to tackle any task related to decks.

In this article, we will explain to you our five-step process to resurface a deck. After this process, your deck will be just like new and will give you many more years of enjoyment.

Finding a Top Deck Builder in Newcastle, Washington

When you are looking for a deck builder to build you a new deck or resurface your existing deck, you need to find a professional builder offering you a whole range of services. The companies merely installing catalog models do not have the expertise to carry out a professional resurfacing operation.

Hopefully, Olympic Decks is a genuine deck builder with years of experience serving Newcastle and the surrounding areas. We have lots of experience in building brand-new decks from scratch, designing them to match the vision you have. We also resurface and expand old decks to give them a new life. Besides decks, we also do custom fences and louvered roofs to make your time outdoors more enjoyable.

We are the experts you need to contact for your deck. Call us today.

Our Five-Step Resurfacing Process

Many people look for a deck builder to create a brand-new deck. While others seek a builder to resurface their old one. Resurfacing a deck is basically changing the surface boards (and any other visible parts) of a deck. Surface boards are affected by the passage of time and the weather and, after a while, they need to be replaced. However, that does not mean you need to tear down the entire structure and start anew. That is why you need an expert in deck structures to examine the situation and resurface your deck.

Olympic Decks is a specialist in decks and is uniquely qualified to resurface your deck. Our resurfacing process included the following five steps:

  • 1. Safety Inspection
  • 2. Removal of Old Boards
  • 3. Repairs
  • 4. Installation of New Boards
  • 5. Cleaning
  1. Safety inspection. In order to determine if a resurfacing is appropriate, we need to make sure the overall support structure (posts and frame) is still solid. Although it is less affected by the wear and tear or the weather, it can be damaged by various elements, like insects. Our specialists will proceed with a general inspection to ensure the support structure is still sound.
  2. Removal of old boards. After the initial inspection revealed the structure was still solid and could be kept as is, our experts will begin the removal of the old surface boards. When the structure is fully exposed, they will carry out a detailed inspection of every post and joist of the frame to determine if any needs to be repaired or replaced. It could happen one particular element is more damaged than the others.
  3. Repairs. If needed, our builders will repair or replace any element of the structure that is not in perfect shape. If you have chosen to modify or expand your current deck, as many customers do, this is when new posts or frame will be added.
  4. Installation of new boards. After making sure the support structure is in perfect condition, our specialists will begin laying out the new surface boards. The boards do not need to be applied in the same pattern they were before; you can change the design or orientation of the boards at will. You also have the flexibility of using wood or composite boards, regardless of the material used for your posts and support structure. A composite deck has many advantages that differ from the ones of a wooden deck and our pros will guide you in the selection of the right material for your deck.
  5. Cleaning. After the new boards are in place, we will clean up the site, leaving your deck ready to be used and enjoyed.

As you can see, our five-step process is complete, allowing you to ensure your old deck gets a facelift to give you many more years of entertainment with your friends and family. Contact us today if you want to resurface your deck, our experts will evaluate your situation.


When looking for a deck builder in Newcastle, Washington, in order to do a resurfacing of your existing deck, you need to go beyond the regular deck builders, who can only install you a catalog model. You need to deal with genuine and professional builders who can provide you with a custom solution.

Olympic Decks has years of experience in building and resurfacing decks in the area. Over the years, we have developed a strict process to ensure a top-quality job for our many clients. After we are done, your deck will be just like new and you will be able once again to receive friends and family with pride within the intimacy and safety of your property.

Contact our experts in resurfacing today to schedule the initial inspection and begin the process.

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