Deck Builder in Woodinville, Washington

Deck Builder In Woodinville

Deck Builder in Woodinville, Washington

If you are looking for a deck builder in Woodinville, Washington, you will find many businesses offering their services as deck builders. But not all builders are equal. Most of them are merely general contractors acting as deck installers; they let you choose a model from a catalog and they assemble it in your backyard.

However, there are genuine professional deck builders, like Olympic Decks, who can design the deck of your dreams from scratch, build it and assemble it to increase the value of your property. We can also build you custom fences and louvered roofs.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of a louvered roof for your property and see why this new trend is here to stay. After reading about it, you will contact us to get one of your own.

Louvered Roof, Fence and Deck Builder in Woodinville, Washington

Being a genuine builder and expert in everything related to the backyard of your property, Olympic Decks is the perfect partner for any project you have. We will sit down with you to understand your needs and wishes, we will show you some of our past projects matching your interests and we will create a design just for you, unlike a regular deck builder. Our design will consider all the specificities of your backyard (like a slope or trees) and will include all your preferences.

Beyond the simple selection of colors to match with your house, you will also have the choice of materials to be used in your deck: wood or composite materials. A composite deck offers a distinct feeling compared to a wooden one, but it is easier to maintain and lasts longer, among many other pros in its favor.

We are proud to serve Woodinville, and we have many clients in the immediate vicinity for whom we have created new decks, fences or louvered roofs.

Advantages of a Louvered Roof

Being a versatile backyard builder, Olympic Decks also creates, builds and installs louvered roofs. Adding a louvered roof is one of the strongest, newest trends in backyard construction these days. A louvered roof has many advantages, including

  • Protecting People from Rain and Sun
  • Protecting Your Deck
  • Controlling The Temperature
  • Offering a Better Ventilation Than a Fixed Roof

Just like a regular (fixed, permanent) roof, a louvered roof’s primary mission is to protect people from the elements. In the Greater Seattle Area, we are blessed not to receive much snow, but days of warm sun are sometimes wrecked by an unexpected shower. An exposure to the elements can definitely ruin a party. Even without a drizzle, it is often good to be sheltered from the hard sun to fully appreciate a glorious afternoon.

You can install a louvered roof anywhere. Some people install it on top of their deck to be able to fully enjoy their time on the deck with their friends and family. Having a louvered roof over a deck will protect the deck from the elements as well. The surface boards will not be baked under the hard sun, and they will also be less exposed to the rain. These two protections will extend the life of your deck; plus, it will keep it comfy to walk barefoot on it.

By protecting from the hard sun, you have a direct control over the temperature under a louvered roof, since you create a shade area, lowering the felt temperature by many degrees compared to being under direct sun exposure. You can then enjoy more the time outdoors with your guests, in any weather. However, on cloudy days or when you need more light, you can open your louvered roof with the touch of a button to maximize the illumination.

Another way to control the temperature under a louvered roof is to partly open the louvers to let some wind through. A louvered roof offers a better ventilation than a fixed roof, not only because you can actually open it, but also because you can adjust the louvers. You can either position them to block the wind or to let it through. Depending on the direction of the wind and the time of day, you could have a double temperature control: blocking the sun to keep the zone under the roof in the shade and also get a refreshing breeze. It is up to you to decide what you want to do so you can fully enjoy your time outdoors.

Trust only a reliable builder to add a louvered roof to your backyard, contact Olympic Decks today.


When looking for a deck builder in Woodinville, Washington, look for builders who can really build you something specific for your needs and for your house. Adding a generic solution that could be found in any backyard will negatively affect the overall value of your property.

But if you partner with Olympic Decks, one of the rare true deck builders of the area, you will be able to have a custom deck (either new or resurfaced), a custom fence or a custom louvered roof, with all the advantages we just saw.

Do not trust builders only suggesting you models from catalogs; these models were not created with your home in mind, they will never perfectly match your needs to receive friends and family the way you want it.

Contact us today to begin the project that will transform your backyard.

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