Deck Builder in Issaquah, Washington

Deck Builder In Issaquah

Are you looking for a fence and deck builder in Issaquah, Washington? If so, you just found the best partner for your project. Olympic Decks has years of experience building decks, fences and louvered roofs specially designed for the climate of the State of Washington.

Unlike common deck builders, we can create the design of your dream deck or fence from scratch, then build it and assemble it in your backyard. Having a custom deck or fence on your property not only enhances its beauty, it also increases its overall value. That is why it is important to find a genuine and reliable builder for your project.

In this article, we will discuss one of our flagship products: cedar fences. Keep reading to learn more about this beautiful and customizable product.

Why Choose Olympic Decks as Your Fence and Deck Builder in Issaquah, Washington?

When evaluating deck builders, make sure they really have the expertise required to build your project. If the builder only suggest you models from a catalog, with little to no customization, that should be a red flag.

A genuine fence and deck builder, like Olympic Decks, will recommend you a variety of custom solutions after listening carefully to your needs and preferences. We can create for you from scratch a brand-new deck, or resurface an existing one. Our pros can use either wood or composite materials, according to your preferences. A composite deck offers a distinct look and feel compared to a wooden one, but requires little to no maintenance. We can also build you fences (in cedar wood or metal) to protect your property or louvered roofs so you can fully enjoy your time outdoors.

Check out the dozens of positive reviews left on Google by some of our satisfied customers.

Cedar Fences

Fences can be built for various reasons: the most common one being the protection and delimitation of your property. It can also be to limit access to a feature, like a pool. Whatever the reason, you can either go for a generic, boring, ready-made metal fence, or go with something that could add style and match your property, increasing its value.

Of course, cedar fences are in the latter category. However, not all builders use the same standards to build them. At Olympic Decks, our standard fences are easily compared with our competitors’ premium fences, with features like

  • Customization
  • Hand-picked cedar
  • 4 × 4 posts with concrete footings
  • First-grade materials

Unlike metal fences offering little to no customization, cedar fences can easily be customized. We can customize the design of the structure itself, the boards, the colors, the textures and shape. Cedar wood fences can easily be made to match the look and feel of your deck or your house, increasing the overall value of your property.

We handpick all the boards and posts to be used in our cedar fences, concentrating on quality, color, texture and shape. Cedar wood is a prime choice for fences because it is very durable and holds our Pacific Northwest weather conditions very well, which is important for properties in Issaquah. Oils inside cedar wood naturally prevent insect damage and rotting.

We use the gold standard practice of using 4 × 4 posts that are anchored in a custom cement base, not just resting on a cement block as others do. This increases the stability and resistance of the fence, but also protects the posts from the humidity of the soil, extending their lifespan.

But choosing the best cedar pieces for the posts and the boards will not guarantee you a long-lasting fence if you use other materials of poor quality. That is why we use the best quality of galvanized brackets and exterior-grade screws to assemble your custom fence.

Besides cedar wood fences, we can also install for you a steel fence, with or without gates, as well as aluminum and vinyl fences of various models that are ready to install. Finally, we can repair any type of fence that has been damaged by an accident or simply the passage of time.

Contact us today to discuss your fencing needs, so we can use our fence and deck builder expertise to complete your project.


When looking for a fence and deck builder in Issaquah, Washington, make sure you examine all the services they offer you. Among the various builders, you will find Olympic Decks, a well-rounded builder with years of experience in building backyard structures (like decks, fences and louvered roofs). We can also resurface your existing deck or repair your existing fence. As reflected by our numerous positive reviews, our clients enjoy our approach focused on their needs and our professionalism.

Today, we mentioned many features of our cedar fences to enhance the beauty of your property as well as protecting your privacy. Cedar fences are now the perfect solution to have a customized solution that increases the value of your property. Way beyond limited color customization offered by metal fences, cedar fences can really match the look of your backyard elements and house.

Contact us today to discuss your fence or deck project. We will be happy to assist you during every step of your project.

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