Square deck resurfaced with light composite decking, white and black aluminum railings and custom staircase in Lakewood, WA

Project Description

Nothing speaks to the power of transformation quite like our recent square deck resurfacing project. Tasked with rejuvenating a tired deck, our approach was to layer elegance, function, and modern design.

To kick things off, our team meticulously evaluated the existing structure, setting the stage for a smooth resurfacing process. We then introduced light composite decking, celebrated for its endurance and classic appeal. This choice not only guarantees longevity but also brings forth a warm, inviting aesthetic with minimal upkeep.

The blend of white and black aluminum railings is what truly makes this project stand out. The pristine white railings offer a fresh, classic contrast, further elevating the deck’s visual charm. Simultaneously, the addition of the black railings introduces a contemporary edge, marrying tradition with trend in a harmonious dance of design.

No deck transformation is complete without the perfect access point. Thus, a custom staircase was crafted and integrated, each step seamlessly blending with the broader design vision of the deck.

By the project’s end, it was evident: this wasn’t just a deck restoration; it was a complete outdoor revitalization. The newfound elegance and functionality of the space promise to enhance every moment spent there.

Should you envision a similar transformation for your deck in Lakewood, Pierce County, remember that Olympic Decks stands ready to bring your vision to fruition.

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