Deck Builder in SeaTac, Washington

Deck Builder In Seatac

Deck Builder in SeaTac, Washington

If you are looking for a deck builder in SeaTac, Washington, you see there are different deck builders offering you vastly different services. There are contractors installing prebuilt catalog models and there are genuine professional builders able to create your dream deck from scratch.

Olympic Decks can design, build and install custom decks and fences. We also resurface decks and repair any type of fences. Finally, we offer you the creation and installation of louvered roofs, the latest trend in backyard equipment.

In this article, we will explore various types of decks and what they are best for. Keep reading to discover more.

Choosing a Custom Deck Builder in SeaTac, Washington

When you are shopping around for a deck builder in SeaTac area, look for a builder that has a broad experience in backyard structures, because such builder will foresee any problem and maintain the project on time and on budget. Olympic Decks has a vast experience building and resurfacing decks, building and repairing fences as well as building louvered roofs.

Unlike most deck contractors, we are a genuine professional deck builder, able to accompany you during the entire process and design a custom deck, fence or louvered roof to let you fully enjoy your time outdoors with friends and family.

We have served the SeaTac area for many years, and chances are many of your neighbors have partnered with us for their backyard project. Among the hundreds of satisfied clients all over the Greater Seattle Area, a few dozens of them left us positive reviews on Google.

Contact us today to join all those satisfied customers and let us transform your backyard.

Types of Decks

You have seen various types of decks, either at a friend’s house or in magazines, but you are not sure what the best is for your particular situation. When you talk to a genuine professional deck builder, like Olympic Decks, the experts will give you sound advice considering the style of your house, the configuration of your land and your intended uses for your deck.

A professional builder will take your vision and preferences to suggest you the best type of deck to reach your goals. Here are the most common types of decks:

  • Platform
  • Classic Raised Deck
  • Multilevel
  • Detached

A platform deck is perfect if you do not have a basement or if your door is almost flush with the ground, and if your backyard is perfectly flat (no bump or slope). In such a case, we simply build a support frame to put a minimal distance between the surface boards and the soil. This distance is required for proper evacuation of the rain and ventilation to prevent the surface boards from rotting.

A classic raised deck is different. We take the same structure we built for a platform deck, and we elevate it by placing it on posts. This structure creates a gap between the deck and the ground. This gap can range from a few inches to a full story, depending on the design, the height of the entrance and the features of the backyard. It is a perfect structure if your house has a basement or if you want to build a deck around an above-ground pool. This is the most common type of deck, and it has the additional advantage of giving you some storage space underneath.

A multilevel deck can essentially be a mix of a platform deck and a raised deck. On a large deck, it is common to divide the space into functional areas: cooking, dining, a living room area, a path to a jacuzzi or a fire pit, a portion around the pool, etc. These divisions can be done by separators (or cubicles), or it can be done by varying the level of each zone.

All these types of decks above are usually attached to the house for an easy transition in and out of the house. But sometimes, you want to create a space that is detached from the house. For example, to create a seating area in a part of your backyard that is distant from your house and protected by trees. This is then called a detached deck, and it is usually a platform-type deck, although it can be a raised deck too.

All those types of decks can be done either with wood or composite materials. Each of those materials (various species of wood, various types of composite materials) have their pros and cons. But a composite deck has distinct advantages compared to a wooden deck. Our experts will guide you in the selection of the one that best matches your needs.

Contact us today to discuss which type of deck is best for your backyard.

Last Word

When you are looking for a deck builder in SeaTac, Washington, make sure you examine the services offered by the various deck builders. Not all builders offer you to design a custom deck that will increase the overall value of your property instead of a generic catalog solution.

Olympic Decks can create custom new decks or resurface your existing deck. We can also design, install, or repair fences. As we just saw, there are many types of decks you can choose from. Our experts will discuss the best option for your backyard, considering the specificities of your backyard and your vision of your dream deck.

Contact us today to begin your dream deck project.

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