New composite deck with outdoor kitchen, custom seating and gorgeous louvered roof in Fife, WA

Project Description

At Olympic Decks, we believe in redefining outdoor living spaces with luxury and functionality at their core. Our recent project perfectly encapsulates this ethos, showcasing an exemplary fusion of design innovation and practicality.

The core of this project was the construction of a robust and elegant composite deck. We sourced the highest quality composite decking boards, ensuring a lasting foundation characterized by beauty and minimal maintenance needs. This deck, while stunning in its own right, only set the stage for the myriad of luxurious features that were to follow.

An integral part of this transformation was the sophisticated outdoor kitchen. Designed for open-air culinary experiences, it boasts top-tier kitchen appliances, ample preparation space, and is sure to be the centerpiece of many memorable gatherings. This culinary haven seamlessly integrates with the deck, promoting effortless outdoor dining and entertainment.

Complementing the outdoor kitchen is the custom seating area, meticulously crafted to offer optimum comfort while you savor your meals or enjoy heartwarming conversations with loved ones.

Elevating the entire experience is the installation of the louvered roof system. Beyond its undeniable aesthetic appeal, this roof offers unparalleled functionality. With adjustable louvers, you’re given full control over sunlight and shade, ensuring your comfort is uncompromised, rain or shine.

This deck, in essence, represents a sanctuary of luxury and comfort right in your backyard. If this aligns with your vision of the perfect outdoor living space and you’re in or around Fife, Pierce County, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Olympic Decks, based in Seattle, Washington, is poised and ready to bring your dream project to life. Reach out and let’s transform your outdoor space together!

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