6 Simple Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Deck and Patio Space

6 Simple Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Deck and Patio Space When the Seattle weather is great, everyone wants to […]

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6 Simple Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Deck and Patio Space

When the Seattle weather is great, everyone wants to spend time outdoors. But when your outdoor living space is less than desirable, it can put a damper on even the sunniest of days. One way to spruce up your outdoor experience is to find creative ways to maximize your outdoor deck space.

The deck experts at Olympic Decks have some easy and innovative ideas that any homeowner can tackle, increasing the joy of spending time outdoors. These easy ideas can help you improve your deck’s functionality, comfort, and style, all without breaking the bank or your back, in the process. So even if you have a small deck or patio area these ideas can refresh your space, giving you even more reasons to spend time outdoors.

If you’ve ever wondered “How do I maximize my deck space?” You’ve found the perfect blog. Read on to check out our 6 easy tips for maximizing your deck and getting the most out of your outdoor living space!

1. Maximize Your Deck Space By Adding a Shade or Louvered Roof

When the sun is high and the days are warm, a bit of shade can turn your deck from a no-go zone into a cool oasis. Here’s how a bit of shelter can make all the difference in your outdoor area.

Shade That Moves with You

Versatility is king when it comes to deck shade. Retractable awnings are the court jesters of sun protection, offering a playful yet practical solution. Want to bask in the morning light but dodge the harsh noon rays? A pull of the awning has you covered—literally. And when the weather turns, simply tuck it away and let your deck breathe.

Louvered Roofs: The Pinnacle of Patio Chic

For those who crave a more high-tech approach, louvered roofs are the latest trend. With adjustable slats, these clever constructions let you dial in the exact amount of sunlight you desire. Whether it’s full shade for a midday brunch or a little light for your evening read, a louvered roof responds to your every whim adding comfort to help with relaxing outdoors.

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Let’s not forget the deck’s foundation—yes, the floor! Heat-resistant outdoor rugs are the unsung heroes of the underfoot. These modern marvels resist the sun’s sizzle, keeping your toes happy and your deck stylish. Plus, they’re a quick fix to refresh your deck space without a full makeover and without taking every penny from your budget.

Shade and Style in Harmony

Adding shade to your deck isn’t just a matter of comfort; it’s a chance to infuse style. With a variety of patterns and designs, your shade solution can be as much a focal point as it is a functional feature. From bold stripes to subtle earth tones, pick a look that reflects your personal paradise and can add color to your life.

So go on, give your deck the cool factor with some smart shade this season. Your sunblock will thank you for the day off!

Maximize Your Outdoor Deck Space
Olympic Decks Builder

2. Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space With a New Seating Area

When it comes to outdoor living, the right seating area can make all the difference. It’s not just about style either, some of the most attractive furniture is not comfortable to sit on, or is too delicate to withstand the harsh weather of the Pacific Northwest. Some decking is too large leaving your deck space to feel cramped. So material choice is pivotal when investing in versatile outdoor furniture to maximize your outdoor deck space.

Here are some of the pros and cons of various furniture materials and the innovative technologies in cushion fabrics that can enhance your outdoor experience.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture


  • Durability: Can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Stability: Heavy and not easily moved by strong winds


  • Heat Absorption: Can become very hot when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Maintenance: May require refinishing to prevent rust.
  • Comfort: Typically requires cushions for added comfort.

Aluminum Patio Furniture


  • Lightweight: Easy to move and rearrange.
  • Rust-resistant: Less maintenance and longer lifespan.


  • Heat Conductive: Can heat up, though not as much as iron.
  • Stability: May need to be secured in windy environments.

Patio Furniture Made from Natural Wood (e.g., Teak, Cedar)


  • Aesthetics: Offers a classic, warm look.
  • Naturally Weather-Resistant: Especially woods like teak and cedar


  • Upkeep: May require periodic sealing or oiling.
  • Price: Higher-quality woods can be expensive.

Wicker/Rattan Deck Furniture


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Provides a natural and cozy feel.
  • Lightweight: Easy to move around.


  • Durability: Natural fibers can degrade with constant exposure to elements.
  • Maintenance: Requires regular cleaning and may need to be stored indoors during harsh weather.

Plastic/Resin Decking Furniture


  • Maintenance: Generally low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Affordability: Often less expensive than other materials.


  • Stability: Lightweight and may not withstand strong winds.
  • Sustainability: Plastic is less eco-friendly unless made from recycled materials.

Once you’ve chosen the right type of outdoor furniture to help you maximize your outdoor space, you need to select the right type of outdoor cushions,  throw pillows, and rugs to add some eye-catching pops of color, improve visual interest, and bring your space together.

There are many different types of fabrics that can withstand the elements and offer cooling technology and moisture-wicking properties. By carefully selecting the materials for your outdoor furniture, you can create a seating area that easily becomes a favorite outdoor spot for entertaining and a perfect place to relax on a star-filled night.

Maximize Your Outdoor Deck Space
Olympic Decks Builder

3. Improve Your Deck Experience with Outdoor Lighting

As the sun dips below the horizon, your deck doesn’t have to fade into the night. With a sprinkle of light, you can keep the laughter going and the memories bright. Here’s how you can illuminate your outdoor sanctuary without breaking the bank.

Layered Lighting: The Secret to Evening Bliss

Think of your deck as a stage and lighting as the director. You’ll need three types of proper lighting to set the perfect scene when the sun goes down:

  • Ambient Lighting: This is your deck’s overall glow. Soft and indirect, it’s the warm hug of light that welcomes everyone. Solar post caps or wall-mounted fixtures cast a gentle radiance that lets you navigate without a stumble.
  • Task Lighting: Where the action happens, task lighting steps in. Grilling your famous burgers? A well-placed spotlight ensures they’re cooked to perfection, not charred beyond recognition.
  • Accent Lighting: The final touch, accent lighting, is all about drama and flair. It highlights your deck’s best features, like that sculpture you found on vacation or the blooms you’ve nurtured into a floral masterpiece.

You don’t need to splash out on fancy fixtures to create a tranquil atmosphere. Lanterns, with their whimsical flicker, can be moved to cast a glow where you need it most. Use string lights to add a little sparkle to your deck decor. Draped overhead, they transform any space into a starlit escape. And the best part? They’re both budget-friendly and instantly charming.

4. Maximize Your Outdoor Patio Space with a Fire Pit

There’s something about a fire pit that makes an outdoor space feel all the more serene. It’s the kind of feature that can bring big style and an inviting ambiance to your backyard space. Whether you’re hosting a lively gathering or enjoying a quiet evening under the stars, incorporating a fire pit can transform any ordinary patio into a warm and welcoming retreat.

Safety First: Ensuring Peace of Mind Around the Flames

Before you light up the night, it’s crucial to consider safety and local regulations. Always check with your city or county to ensure your fire pit complies with local fire codes. Placement is key—keep your fire pit at a safe distance from your home and any foliage. For wood-burning pits, a spark screen is a must to keep embers contained. And remember, never leave the fire unattended.

Innovative Features for the Modern Fire Pit

Today’s fire pits come with features that not only prioritize safety but also enhance convenience. Adjustable flame controls allow you to set the mood and heat with ease—perfect for when the conversation heats up or winds down. And if you’re all about aesthetics, consider a fire pit with built-in benches. These cozy perches not only save space by incorporating seating into the design but also ensure everyone has a front-row seat to the flickering display.

Built-In Benches: More Than Just a Seat

Speaking of built-in benches, they’re a game-changer. Not only do they bring big style to your outdoor patio, but they also offer a permanent solution for seating that flows naturally with your patio’s layout. By framing your fire pit with built-in benches, you create an intimate space that invites guests to gather around the glow. This smart investment can extend the use of your beautiful outdoor space for years to come.

Hosting Made Spectacular

When you’re hosting friends and family, a fire pit becomes the heart of your backyard space. It’s where stories are shared, marshmallows are roasted, and the worries of the day melt away. So, ignite the flames, pull up a bench, and let the magic of a warm fire under the open sky bring everyone together.

By following these tips and embracing the right features, your outdoor patio space will not only be safe and compliant but also a haven of comfort and style.

Maximize Your Outdoor Deck Space
Olympic Decks Builder

5. Under Deck Waterproofing to Maximize Deck Space

Elevate your outdoor retreat by unlocking the potential of the space beneath your multi-level deck. With the right waterproofing system, what once was overlooked can become a dry, open, and inviting patio area — perfect for relaxation and entertainment underneath your deck.

Keep It Dry Overhead

Planning your deck with an under-deck ceiling system can turn the area below your deck into a serene haven, safe from the drizzles and downpours. These systems effectively catch water that slips through deck boards and channel it away, leaving you with a sheltered space ripe for enjoyment.

Gutter Up

Complement your ceiling system with a perimeter gutter to manage water flow. This isn’t just about staying dry; it’s about protecting your outdoor living space and all the belongings within it. With a gutter system, rainwater is no longer a concern, leaving the space under your deck a year-round feature for your home.

Light It Up

Imagine string lights twinkling overhead in your new covered space, transforming it into a cozy nook for evening gatherings. Under-deck waterproofing allows you to bring big style to your backyard space without worrying about the elements.

Seating and Storage

Why not add built-in benches? They provide ample seating for when you’re hosting and double as discreet storage solutions. Plus, these are elements that add functionality to your space, making your under-deck area a well-integrated part of your outdoor design.

With these enhancements, your deck does more than provide a platform for your barbecues and sunbathing sessions — it becomes a multi-functional extension of your indoor living space, ready to host your next gathering or offer a peaceful spot for a quiet afternoon.

6. Additional Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

  • Vertical Gardening: When space is at a premium, think vertically. Green walls and trellises with climbing plants not only add lush, living art to your deck but also provide cooling natural shade and an extra layer of privacy.
  • Deck Zones: Similar to an open-plan interior, define distinct areas on your deck for specific functions. A built-in barbecue and prep station can anchor your cooking zone, a well-placed table sets the scene for alfresco dining and cozy furnishings invite relaxation in a lounge area.
  • Deck Accessories: Deck boxes are ideal for tucking away cushions and toys, keeping your space tidy and your essentials at hand allowing you to enjoy your space fully.
  • Safety Measures: Ensure your outdoor living room is child and pet-proof by installing safety gates, clearing floor space from hazards, and positioning rail netting to prevent falls.

These are just a few more of our innovative ideas to help make the space cozy, comfortable, and safe, so you, your friends, and your family are able to enjoy your deck and outdoor living space.

Maximize Your Outdoor Deck Space
Olympic Decks Builder

Bring Your Dream Deck to Life with Olympic Decks

Transforming your outdoor deck into a versatile oasis for relaxation, entertainment, and family time doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right ideas and a touch of creativity, your deck can become the heart of your outdoor living space, offering comfort, style, and functionality that suits your lifestyle.

At Olympic Decks, we’re passionate about turning your vision into reality. Whether it’s adding innovative shade solutions, installing a cozy fire pit, or creating designated zones for dining and lounging, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way with decorating tricks and creative ideas to maximize your outdoor deck space. With a focus on quality materials, custom designs, and flawless execution, we’ll make sure your deck not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Ready to maximize your outdoor deck space? Reach out to Olympic Decks. Let us help you create a serene and stylish outdoor retreat that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come. Your dream deck awaits—let’s make it a reality together.

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