Multi-Level Decks Are on The Rise: 10 Ideas to Elevate Your Deck Design

At Olympic Decks, we've observed a rising trend over the years that's impossible to ignore: multi-level decks are gaining traction and for good reason. These architectural marvels not only make a bold statement but also optimize outdoor spaces in ways one might never have imagined.

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Imagine stepping out onto a deck that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, offering multiple tiers of entertainment, relaxation, and panoramic views, literally (and laterally) elevating your outdoor living experience.

As the multi level deck masters of the Seattle deck industry, we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to raise your expectations and your deck with 10 deck and patio ideas for a traffic-stopping multilevel deck. So let’s dive into the beauty and benefits of multi-level decks, showcasing how they can be the game-changer your home’s outdoor space has been yearning for.

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Multi-Level Decks

The Evolution of Multi-Level Deck Designs

Once upon a deck-time, traditional, flat decks reigned supreme. They were the unsung heroes of many backyard barbecues, summer soirees, and lazy Sunday lounging. But as with all things, evolution touches even the planks and beams of our beloved outdoor spaces. Enter the multi-level deck—a transformative force in the world of exteriors!

Why the shift, you ask? Picture this: a deck that offers not just one, but multiple platforms of entertainment. A space that stretches its arms across various heights, giving every gathering its unique stage, whether it’s a sun-drenched brunch up top or a cozy fire pit chat below. It’s no wonder homeowners are head over heels for multi-tiered designs.

Simply put, multi-level decks are like the chocolate layer cakes of outdoor spaces. Every tier offers a new flavor, a new experience. And let’s be honest, who can resist the allure of having more layers to love? At Olympic Decks, we understand the appeal and are all in for helping homeowners make the upward leap from single to multi-level deck luxury! Whether you go with a composite deck material, cedar, IPE wood, or pressure-treated lumber, the experts at Olympic Decks can take your visions and make them a reality giving you the outdoor living space of your dreams.

10 Innovative Multi-Level Deck Ideas


Cascading Stairs Deck

Multi-Level Decks

Description: Cascading stairs, often known as wraparound steps or tiered stairs, elegantly flow from one level of the deck to another, creating a seamless transition. These stairs fan out, giving the illusion of a deck that gently cascades down, making the transition between different levels seamless.

Benefits: Beyond their undeniable aesthetic appeal, cascading stairs offer a dual function. They can serve as additional seating during larger gatherings, ensuring that every guest has a spot to settle into. Their spread-out design also aids in directing foot traffic, naturally guiding visitors between levels.


Multi-Level Deck with Pergolas or Gazebo

Multi-Level Decks

Description: Imagine multi-level decks crowned with pergolas or gazebos, casting dappled shadows below. These architectural additions can be seamlessly integrated into the deck design, offering both a visual focal point and a functional shaded haven.

Benefits: Pergolas and gazebos do more than just provide shelter from the sun’s rays or the occasional drizzle. They carve out designated spaces for relaxation, maybe a hammock beneath the pergola or a dining table under the gazebo. The added vertical structures also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal, giving a sense of height and depth to the entire deck space.


Deck with Integrated Planters or Gardens

Multi-Level Decks

Description: Infusing the natural wooden tones of a deck with pops of greenery is like bringing a piece of nature right to your feet. With built-in planters or raised garden beds, decks can bloom with color and life.

Benefits: For those with green thumbs, integrated planters are a dream come true. But even for the casual gardener, the planters provide an opportunity to cultivate flowers, herbs, or even small shrubs. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, plants can act as natural privacy screens or even as fragrant additions to the deck environment. Not to mention, being around plants can have a calming effect on us, so what better way to add an element of peace and relaxation to your outdoor space.


Sunken Seating Areas or Fire Pits

Multi-Level Decks

Description: There’s something inherently cozy about a sunken space. Carving out a recessed lounge or fire pit area within the deck’s lower level creates a gathering spot that feels intimate and unique.

Benefits: Sunken areas offer a break from the traditional flat deck layout, introducing a novel design element. They’re natural gathering spots—imagine friends huddled around a fire pit, roasting marshmallows, telling campfire stories, or sinking into plush cushions in the lounge pit. Plus, these recessed areas can act as windbreakers, making them especially cozy during breezy evenings.


Transition Deck with Water Features

Multi-Level Decks

Description: The gentle sound of water, be it from a fountain’s cascade or the gentle ripples of a pool, can transform a deck into an oasis. Integrating water features, such as pools, hot tubs, or even ornate fountains, can make your deck the ultimate relaxation zone.

Benefits: A deck with a water feature is like having a vacation spot in your backyard. It not only amplifies the relaxation factor but also significantly enhances the beauty of the space. For homeowners considering resale, such decks can elevate the property’s value, making it a coveted piece in the real estate market. So not only do you get to enjoy the calming affect of water while you live there, you get the added bonus of increasing the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it.


Tiered Lounge Zones

Multi-Level Decks

Description: Design each level with a specific function in mind, such as a dining area on one tier and a lounging space on another. This allows you to have a lounging area on your upper deck, and perhaps the dinning area on the lower deck.

Benefits: Maximizes functionality, offers varied experiences within the same space, and allows guests to choose their ideal relaxation spot.


Panoramic Viewpoint Deck

Multi-Level Decks

Description: Elevate one section of the deck specifically to capture panoramic views, perhaps with a cozy seating area or lookout point.

Benefits: Makes the most of your property’s vistas, offers a secluded spot for reflection, and can increase property value.


Integrated Lighting Deck

Multi-Level Decks

Description: Seamlessly incorporate lighting solutions into your multi-level deck, such as embedded floor lights, stairway lights, or illuminated handrails.

Benefits: Enhances safety during nighttime, adds ambiance, and accentuates the deck’s architectural features.


Wrap-Around or Curved Decks

Multi-Level Decks

Description: Instead of traditional linear or boxed decks, opt for a wrap-around or a gently curved design that complements the architecture of the house.

Benefits: Adds a unique aesthetic appeal, makes for smoother transitions between deck tiers, and can provide a more organic, natural feel.


Deck with Glass Railings

Multi-Level Decks

Description: Use transparent glass railings, especially for decks that offer scenic views or are adjacent to pools or water features.

Benefits: Unobstructed views, a modern look, and a sense of expanded space.

To see more ideas for building a multi-level deck, check out our Showcase. Build your dream deck with Olympic Decks!

Customizing Your Multi Level Deck

If you live in the Seattle area, with so much natural beauty to enjoy- we know that a deck is more than just a platform—it’s an extension of your home, a space that mirrors your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. The importance of customizing your multi-level deck to resonate with your specific needs, the natural landscape of your property, and the architectural style of your residence cannot be overstated.

Consider, for instance, the allure of a pool deck. A multi-level design can seamlessly integrate the pool into your outdoor space, providing easy access and lounging platforms, all while ensuring safety and appearance are in perfect balance. Now, pair that with an outdoor kitchen. Imagine the upper deck, fitted with state-of-the-art grilling equipment, countertops, and maybe even a bar area, overlooking the shimmering waters of the pool on the lower deck. The convenience of having a dedicated space to cook, dine, and unwind, all while soaking in the views, is unmatched.

Trying to achieve this harmony between form and function requires expertise. This is where working with professional designers, like those at Olympic Decks, becomes paramount. Their experienced eye can identify the unique characteristics of your property, understand your vision, and then craft a design that marries both in a harmonious and functional manner.

Whether it’s deciding on the right materials for your deck, porch, deck stairs, railings, optimizing space, ensuring safety, or integrating design elements like lighting and furniture, professional guidance can elevate your deck from just another outdoor space to an outdoor sanctuary tailored just for you.

Multilevel Deck Maintenance and Upkeep

The elegance and functionality of a multi-level deck are undeniably appealing, but like all beautiful things, they require care. Proper maintenance not only preserves the beauty of your deck but also ensures its durability and safety for years to come. Particularly, with varied materials used in multi-level designs, each might have its own care regimen. Let’s dive into some key tips to keep your deck looking and performing its best:

Tips for Deck Maintenance and Upkeep:

  • Regular Cleaning: Sweep the deck regularly to remove leaves, dirt, and debris. Periodically wash with a mild detergent and water to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Seal and Stain: Depending on your deck material, apply a water-repellent sealant every couple of years to protect against moisture and sun damage.
  • Inspect for Damage: Periodically check for loose boards, popped nails, or any signs of rot. Address issues promptly to prevent larger problems.
  • Avoid Overloading: Be mindful of weight limits, especially on elevated areas of your deck.
  • Opt for Composite Materials: Quality composite decking materials like Deckorator, Timbertech, or Trex, are especially durable and require less maintenance than a traditional wood deck. They resist fading, staining, and mold. If you do go with natural wood, select a cedar deck, IPE deck, or use pressure treated lumber for a longer deck life.
  • Protect Against Pests: Ensure there’s no stagnant water or food remnants that might attract pests. Consider natural repellents or consult a pest control professional if necessary.
  • Move Planters Regularly: If you have plant pots, move them occasionally to prevent discoloration and moisture damage beneath them on your upper and lower deck boards.
  • Maintain Railings: Ensure railings are secure. Clean and repaint or reseal as needed.
  • Address Spills Promptly: Clean up any spills immediately, especially on wooden surfaces, to prevent stains.
    Annual Professional Inspection: Consider having a professional evaluate your two-level deck annually to ensure structural integrity and safety.
    Watch for Weather Wear: After harsh weather, check for any signs of damage or wear and address them promptly.
    Choose Weather-Resistant Furniture: Ensure that any furniture or decor is suited for outdoor use and won’t damage the deck surface.
  • Regular Gutter Cleaning: If your deck has built-in gutters or drainage, ensure they’re cleared out regularly.
  • Oil and Clean Hardware: Keep any hardware, like screws or bolts, free from rust and degradation by cleaning and oiling them as necessary.

By following these tips and understanding the specifics of your deck’s materials, you’ll ensure that your multi-level deck remains a beautiful and safe extension of your home for many years. Trust our Seattle Deck Company to help take your outdoor space to the next level (literally)!

Multi-Level Decks

Multi-Level Decks: Transforming Outdoor Living One Level at a Time With Olympic Decks

Multi-level decks are more than just a trend; they’re a testament to the fusion of beauty, functionality, and versatility in modern home design. These decks redefine outdoor spaces, creating layered havens of relaxation and entertainment. Imagine the potential transformation of your own backyard into a multi-tiered sanctuary, tailored to your every desire and echoing the latest in deck design.

Dreaming of a Deck Overhaul? Reach out to Olympic Decks! Whether you’re hunting for fresh design ideas, need expert consultation, or are ready to get a quote for your next multi-level deck masterpiece, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Elevate your outdoors with Olympic Decks! Contact us today!

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