Deck Builder in Seattle, Washington

Deck Builder In Seattle

If you are looking for a deck builder in Seattle, Washington, you will be happy to see that there is an expert deck building company that is headquartered just here in Seattle! Indeed, Olympic Decks is one of the rare professional deck builders in the area that can create you a custom deck from scratch to match your needs and preferences. Such a custom deck also increases the value of your property, who would not want that?

Some homeowners might wonder if getting a custom deck is worth the extra trouble, compared to simply pick a catalog model and have it installed. It is basically day and night in terms of experience and value. With a custom deck, you will be able to determine the zones you want, including their design, area, level, materials, and so on. Unlike your neighbor, you might need to have a path leading to a pool, a jacuzzi or a fireplace, for example.

Looking for a Deck Builder in Seattle, Washington

If you are looking for builders in the Seattle area to build you a new deck, a fence or a louvered roof to protect you from the West Coast sun, consider Olympic Decks, a company based in Seattle and proud to serve the State of Washington.

Unlike most deck contractors out there offering you the installation of a deck picked from a catalog, we can create you a custom deck that will maximize the use of your backyard, while increasing the value of your property. A well-designed custom deck will allow you to host and entertain your friends and family the way you want to do it. That can be very different than the way your neighbors do it, so why be happy with a deck anyone can order? Get a custom deck, fully adapted to your needs and to your house.

Contact our specialists to begin the design of your dream deck.

Advantages of a Custom Deck

If you want to furnish your backyard, you probably have already looked at catalogs of generic decks. Chances are that you did not find anything to your liking. That is perfectly normal. Every homeowner has personal expectations in terms of looks and, especially, personal needs to receive friends and families.

Among the many advantages of a custom deck, we have

  • The area you need to host friends and family
  • Possible division of the space into levels for each function
  • Choice the materials and colors you want
  • Designed to match with your house, increasing its value

Having a custom deck allows you to transfer the vision you have in mind into a structure in your backyard. With a custom deck, you will be able to have the area you need to receive your friends and family on a regular basis, not just a little BBQ area. You can also divide the area into different levels to separate the various functions (cooking, dining, outdoor living room area, etc.). You could even give each section its own personality if you wish.

A professional deck builder, like Olympic Decks, will be able to carefully listen to your needs, taking notes of the activities you want to do outdoors, the number of people, the frequency, and so on, to create something specific for your needs, so you can fully enjoy your time outdoors with a unique deck that no one else will have.

Another advantage of having a custom deck is the liberty to choose the materials and the colors. With us, you can choose wood or a variety of composite materials. Each one has pros and cons; our experts will be able to help you evaluate if a composite deck is the best solution for you.

A professionally designed custom deck increases the overall value of your property, unlike a generic solution that will most likely decrease it.

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your Deck Project

Now that you know that Olympic Decks is a Seattle-based deck builder offering you the complete range of services to expect from a professional deck building company, no reason not to come visit us and discuss your project face to face.

Unlike other builders, we will listen to your needs and desires, because we want to be the partner who will turn them into a reality for you, right in your backyard! We take great pride in transforming the backyard of our clients, because we know we also transform their lives in the process.

Whether you want to create a new deck, fence or louvered roof, we are the experts you need. We can also resurface an existing structure for you, giving it many more years of service for you and your family.

In Summary

You are lucky to have a professional deck builder in Seattle, Washington, right in your home town. An expert that is able to fully customize your backyard with a deck, fence or louvered roof made especially for you, to match all your needs and preferences.

Unlike most deck builders, Olympic Decks provides you with a deck specifically designed for you, taking into account all your needs, as well as the specificities of your backyard (like slopes or trees). Plus, the design is done to be in full harmony with your house, complementing it in both design and colors, adding a great value to your property.

Contact us today to discuss your dream deck project so we can put it in your backyard soon!

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