Deck Builder in Renton, Washington

Deck Builder In Renton

Deck Builder in Renton, Washington

When looking for a deck builder in Renton, Washington, you realize that not all deck builders are equal. Most “builders” are in fact deck assemblers, installing a prebuilt catalog model in your backyard. With those, you have little flexibility to adapt the deck to your needs and little to no customization in terms of materials and colors.

However, when dealing with a genuine and professional builder, like Olympic Decks, you will have full flexibility and you will have the deck of your dreams custom made for your backyard.

In this article, we will explore the most important questions you should ask yourself for the design of your dream deck. These questions will help determine the type of deck you need, the area you need, the design it will have, the sections it will be divided into, and so on.

Looking for a Custom Deck Builder in Renton, Washington?

If you are looking for a professional deck builder operating in Renton, it is best if you find a business that has a broad experience in everything related to backyards. Olympic Decks has years of experience in building and resurfacing decks, building custom fences, repairing metal and wooden fences as well as building louvered roofs to let you fully enjoy your backyard.

We are a genuine builder placing you and your needs at the center of our operations. We will first listen to your vision and preferences. Once we understand your needs and expectations, we will design from scratch the deck of your dreams to put that vision of yours onto paper. After some revisions to fine-tune the design, we will build it and install it in your backyard.

Contact us today to begin the process and completely transform the way you receive friends and family.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Dream Deck

When you look for a deck builder, you probably already have a good idea of what you want. You have often looked at your empty backyard and imagined various activities taking place in that space as you host friends and family in the privacy and safety of your property. If you want to fully enjoy your time outdoors with your guests, you need to plan and ask yourself a few questions to determine your needs and preferences to be discussed with your builder.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself about your future deck:

  • How often?
  • How many zones/activities?
  • How many people?
  • Which materials?

How often? Do you want to use your backyard space/deck just now and then, or do you want to enjoy it as often as the weather permits? This will affect the design and the surface area of your deck. Do you also want to enjoy time outside even when it rains? If so, you will need a louvered roof solution.

How many zones/activities? This is about the division of your deck space. Do you simply want a small BBQ space near the house to grill a steak, or do you also want a dining area to sit and enjoy a good meal with your friends and family? Perhaps you envision an outdoor living zone to spend quality time day and night with your guests? Do you have a jacuzzi, a pool or a fireplace and need a path leading to it? Do you want to divide the area into different levels?

How many people? Do you want to spend time outdoors with only your household family members or to receive friends? How many guests do you expect to have regularly? This will determine the square footage you will require to entertain all these people. Of course, there will occasionally have bigger events, like birthday parties, weddings, etc., but plan your deck area for regular guests.

Which materials? Once the design and area of your deck have been decided, you need to think about the materials to be used for the construction of your deck: wood or composite materials. A composite deck has many advantages over a wooden deck, but both have pros and cons. Depending on your intended use, color selection and budget, one will be better than the other in your particular situation.

We suggest you think about those questions and write your answers. Come see our experts with that list of answers. Our specialists will analyze your preferences and will make suggestions to create your dream deck.


As we just saw, planning the perfect deck for your needs requires a complete thinking process and not every deck builder in Renton, Washington, can really accompany you in this process. However, Olympic Decks can.

Our expert employees are professional deck builders with a long experience in building not only decks but also fences and louvered roofs for your backyard. This expertise of our builders ensures you the job will be done with excellent quality, according to the plans you will have approved, on time and within the budget agreed upon.

We will discuss all those questions mentioned above, and many more, to make sure your deck project really reflects your vision, your needs, and your expectations. We will consider the specificities of your land, like a slope, a tree in the middle of the place, a pool, a jacuzzi or a fire pit, to really customize the design and add value to your property.

Contact us today, by phone or email, to begin the transformation of your backyard.

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