Deck Builder in Bothell, Washington

Deck Builder In Bothell

Deck Builder in Bothell, Washington

If you are looking for a deck builder in Bothell, Washington, or the immediate area, you should definitely consider Olympic Decks. Unlike most other deck builders, we are really a complete deck company offering you all services related to decks: design/conception, building, installation, and resurfacing. With us, you will not browse a catalog of pre-built models, but you will see examples of custom designs we have completed for other homeowners in your area.

Our builders are professionals for anything that goes in your backyard, with years of experience dealing with the Greater Seattle Area climate. Today, we will discuss a bit of some different structures we can build and install in your backyard: decks, fences and louvered roofs.

What Is the Importance of Having a Professional Deck Builder in Bothell, Washington

When you are looking for deck builders in your immediate area, you notice that many of them are deck contractors offering you to install a pre-built deck from a catalog. These models have little to no customization available to match your house. However, if you deal with a professional builder, like Olympic Decks, you will have a team with a wide range of expertise for your backyard.

With expert builders, you will be able to fully customize the shape, look and colors of your deck to get a perfect match with your house, increasing the value of your property. You will also have a choice of deck materials: wood or composite materials. A composite deck has many advantages, and our pros will guide you in the selection.

Since we create decks from scratch (designing them to match your dreams and vision), build them and install them in your backyard, we have an expertise that simple deck assemblers do not have. We also do deck resurfacing, giving a brand-new look to your weather-battered deck. Finally, we can complete your backyard with a custom fence and a louvered roof.

Contact us to use all this expertise to the benefit of your backyard.

Different Structures for Your Backyard

As mentioned, Olympic Decks is a highly qualified deck builder, but we do so much more for your backyard and your lifestyle, unlike other builders. We can create and install various structures in your backyard:

Our clients mostly contact us for their decks. We create brand new decks, starting with the design stage, not from a catalog. We examine your needs and preferences to create the perfect design for your backyard, matching your needs and complementing your property. You have complete liberty to choose the materials and colors. Once the design is complete and approved, we will build the components and assemble them in your backyard. That way, you will finally be able to entertain friends and family the way you always wanted it.

Other clients contact us to resurface their existing deck. This rejuvenating operation is needed after a deck has served you for many years. The process begins with the evaluation of the support structure (posts and frame), to check if any repair is needed, then the old surface boards are removed to be replaced by new ones. Since we are professional builders, we can use the resurfacing operation to change the design of your current deck, expanding it or adding levels, for example.

Not all our customers contact us for decks, however. Many of them come to us for fences. Yes, like most contractors, we offer you generic, boring metal fences, in various heights and materials, to surround your property. However, we also offer you custom cedar fences. A quality custom cedar fence can really enhance the beauty of your property, going way beyond the simple delimitation of your backyard. Such a fence can be made to match or complement your deck, adding more value to your property. Of course, you can also put a fence inside your backyard to protect an element like a pool. In such a case, having a decorative fence is so much better.

Finally, following a new trend that appeared a few years ago, many clients contact us to get a louvered roof installed in their backyard. That louvered roof can be installed on top of a deck, a pool, a jacuzzi, or simply a seating area in the backyard.

With all this expertise regarding backyard structures, we are uniquely qualified to turn your dream deck into a reality. We will solve any challenge with no problems and no delays. Contact us today to get your project done on time and on budget.

Last Word

As we have seen, one of the many advantages of dealing with a professional deck builder in Bothell, Washington, is to tap into expertise a general house contractor or a simple deck installer cannot provide you. With its versatility in outdoor constructions, Olympic Decks can build decks, as well as resurface them, fences and louvered roofs for your property in Bothell area.

We are just so much more than a deck builder, and we use this expertise to deliver a quality for your project that is unmatched by other builders. Our professionals have done hundreds of custom projects to transform the backyard of our customers. By doing so, they have also changed the life of those customers, allowing them to finally host friends and family the way they wanted.

Contact us today to begin the realization of your dream deck, fence or louvered roof!


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