Patterned composite deck framed with darker composite and striking black and white aluminum railing in Yarrow Point, WA

Project Description

This image features a large, beautifully built deck in Yarrow Point, Washington, customized by Olympic Decks. The designer of this large outdoor living space created a welcoming and fashionable ambiance with the use of patterned composite decking that mixes several tones. Composite material in a darker tint frames the deck, creating a clean, finished look while also adding a striking contrast.

The sleek, contemporary aluminum railing in black and white is a prominent element of this deck. The rails serve a dual purpose: they keep guests and homeowners safe, and their sleek, modern design adds a striking visual appeal. This deck was built to last and will serve its purpose for a long time thanks to the materials and color scheme that were chosen for their visual impact, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

Thanks to the Olympic Decks construction crew’s remarkable expertise and meticulousness, the homeowners were overjoyed with the finished product. The careful installation and high-quality finishes showcase their talent for making homeowners’ dreams a reality. The deck looks like it has always been a part of the house because of how well it blends in with the design.

Olympic Decks has proven time and time again that we can design aesthetically pleasing and practically sound decks that elevate your outdoor living space. This deck is a result of our team’s dedication to service and quality, and it’s a deck project we are very proud of!

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