Raised deck resurfacing project with attractive privacy panelling, black aluminum railing and lattice skirting in Mukilteo, WA

Project Description

This attractive deck constructed by Olympic Decks in Mukilteo, WA, is a well-designed outdoor space that offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The most notable features are the underdeck storage and privacy wall which are both practical and stylish.

The underdeck storage is ingeniously integrated into the design, providing a discreet and protected area for outdoor equipment or seasonal items. This use of space under the deck is a smart solution for homeowners looking to maximize their outdoor area’s utility without compromising on the deck’s open feel. The storage area is enclosed, likely with access points that keep the contents secure and out of sight while maintaining the overall clean look of the deck.

Another significant aspect is the privacy wall, which adds an element of seclusion and comfort to the outdoor space. This feature is especially beneficial in residential areas where houses are close together, as it offers a sense of retreat and personal space. The privacy wall appears to be constructed with the same materials and style as the deck railing, creating a cohesive look while providing an extra layer of privacy for those using the deck.

The overall construction of the deck showcases quality craftsmanship with attention to detail. The color scheme is neutral, ensuring the deck complements the home’s exterior without overwhelming it. The railing design is simple yet elegant, adding to the deck’s visual appeal while ensuring safety for the occupants.

The amazing deck in Mukilteo, WA built by Olympic Decks is a fine example of blending functionality with design, offering homeowners a beautiful outdoor space that is private, secure, and efficiently utilizes the available area. Contact us today to learn more about building your dream deck!

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