Federal Way, WA deck resurface with aluminum railing and attractive lattice skirting

Project Description

Introducing our latest highlight – a standout deck resurfacing venture in Federal Way, King County. With a multitude of designs and styles available for deck resurfacing, an initial assessment was pivotal to ascertain the specific needs of this project. Among the tailored requirements were the incorporation of aluminum railing and lattice skirting, elements that our team was adept at integrating.

The journey commenced with a meticulous evaluation of the existing deck. We scrutinized its structural robustness and gauged the potential for design enhancements. From there, our blueprint for the resurfacing was crafted, balancing the dual goals of durability and aesthetic allure.

Throughout the implementation phase, precision and artistry were our watchwords. We replaced the aged deck surface with premium boards, ensuring both durability and minimal upkeep. The sleek aluminum railing introduced not only offered a safety measure but also provided a contemporary flair, harmonizing with the overall design.

A standout feature was the inclusion of a tasteful lattice skirting. Far from just hiding the less attractive areas beneath the deck, it added a layer of sophistication.

As the final phase approached, we dedicated ourselves to the intricate details. Ensuring every detail, such as the color palette, the custom seating, and the placement of decorative elements, was carefully considered. The culmination was a rejuvenated deck that epitomizes elegance.

This deck resurfacing project reiterates Olympic Decks’ commitment to transforming old, outdoor spaces into a place that you can enjoy again!

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