Custom New Decks: Designing Your Dream Outdoor Retreat

Custom New Decks: Designing Your Dream Outdoor Retreat Imagine stepping out into your backyard and being greeted by a custom […]

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Custom New Decks: Designing Your Dream Outdoor Retreat

Imagine stepping out into your backyard and being greeted by a custom new deck that is not only aesthetically pleasing but solidly built. You’d likely be impressed. At Olympic Decks we know this as a fact because so many of our customers tell us on a regular basis how impressed they are with the custom new decks built by our expert deck contractors.

Our team is passionate about designing and constructing beautiful, sturdy custom new decks all over the Seattle Metro Area. There’s nothing more exciting than designing a custom new deck for your backyard space. At Olympic Decks, we believe that your deck should be a reflection of your personal taste and a space where life’s best moments are celebrated. That’s where our design team steps in. In this blog, you’ll learn all about our expert process of building custom new decks. From our elite design team, choosing the right materials, and the final construction of your dream deck, we’ll take you through our process at Olympic Decks. So keep reading!

Initiating Your Ideal Custom New Deck Project:

The start of the journey to your dream deck begins with a vision. Envisioning and planning are critical first steps in bringing your dream to fruition. Utilizing 3D deck designer tools and software allows you to explore a myriad of design options, offering a virtual glimpse of what your future deck could look like. It’s also important to consider your budget in these early stages, setting a realistic framework for your project.

When you sit down with a designer, we can take you through different options to get to know exactly what you are looking for. Considering the budget, we can present decks we’ve built in the past to give you real-life examples of what you can expect from a deck built by Olympic Decks.

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Choosing the Right Materials:

Selecting the right materials is paramount to ensure your deck is both beautiful and enduring. Composite and PVC decking are top choices, known for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance needs. These materials guarantee that your dream deck will remain a source of joy for years to come, withstanding the elements and the test of time. Some of the top materials used by our expert deck construction team are the following:

Composite Decking:

  • Advantages: Known for its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. It resists fading, staining, and mold, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting beauty.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Comes in a variety of colors and textures, often mimicking the look of natural wood without the upkeep.

PVC Decking:

  • Advantages: Offers superior resistance to moisture, making it perfect for Seattle’s rainy climate. It’s lightweight yet strong and doesn’t absorb water like wood.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in a range of styles and colors, PVC decking can suit any design preference and adds a modern touch to any outdoor space.

Pressure-Treated Wood:

  • Advantages: A cost-effective option that provides durability against rot and insects. Ideal for structural components like frames and posts.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Has a natural wood look and can be stained or painted to match any design scheme.

Cedar Wood:

  • Advantages: Naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. It’s a popular choice for its longevity and natural beauty.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers a rich, warm appearance and can be left to weather naturally or finished to maintain its original hue.

Exotic Hardwoods:

  • Advantages: Woods like Ipe and Teak are incredibly durable and dense, making them suitable for decks that last decades.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: They provide a unique, upscale look with rich colors and textures.

By choosing the right materials, your deck will not only complement your home’s aesthetic but also provide a durable, low-maintenance outdoor living space. Our team at Olympic Decks is dedicated to helping you select the best materials that align with both your vision and the demands of the Seattle climate, ensuring your new deck is both a beautiful and practical addition to your home.

Exploring Custom New Deck Design Possibilities:

Your deck should be a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle. We encourage you to experiment with various design tools, trying out different layouts, railings, and lighting options. Personalization is key in creating a space that not only meets your functional needs but also resonates with your aesthetic preferences.

One way to change up the look of your custom new deck and make it uniquely yours is to change up the deck railing materials. Here’s a look at some deck railing options to choose from:

  • Traditional Wood Railings: A natural choice, wood railings offer a classic appeal and can be truly customized to meet any design plan. It’s important to note that wood railings require regular maintenance to withstand the damp Seattle weather.
  • Modern Composite Railings: Composite railings are becoming more and more popular due to their durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Composite railings come in a variety of styles, and they look so much like real wood and can mimic other materials.
  • Strong Metal Railings (Steel, Aluminum, Wrought Iron): Metal railings can offer a modern or industrial look to any deck. They are strong, durable, and can incorporate design features for a personalized look.
  • Contemporary Glass Railings: These railings are perfect for unobstructed views, glass railings offer a modern touch. They require regular cleaning and are built to be sturdy, despite their fragile appearance.
  • Sleek Cable Railings: Cable railings are a hot trend in deck railing design. They are known for their minimalist look. They are perfect for maximizing views and adding a sleek, modern touch to your deck.
Custom New Decks
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Balancing Proportions and Harmony:

A well-designed custom new deck should harmonize with your property and the surrounding landscape. It’s important to consider proportions and how your deck will blend with both your home’s interior and exterior spaces. Online tools can be invaluable in achieving this balance, ensuring your deck complements your home’s overall aesthetic. Let’s take a look at how different styles of custom new decks can add beauty and harmony to various property types:

  • Urban Oasis with Rooftop Decks: For urban properties with limited yard space, a rooftop deck can transform an unused roof into a luxurious outdoor retreat. Imagine a chic, contemporary deck with a view of the Seattle skyline, complete with sleek glass railings and comfortable lounge areas. This style adds a private haven atop the urban landscape.
  • Coastal Charm with Wraparound Decks: Properties near water, such as those along the Puget Sound, could benefit from wraparound decks. These decks provide panoramic views and easy access to different parts of the home, blending seamlessly with the coastal environment. The use of natural wood or composite materials in light colors can complement the serene, aquatic backdrop.
  • Garden Integration with Tiered Decks: For homes with lush gardens or uneven terrain, tiered decks can create a stunning visual effect. Each level can serve a different purpose – perhaps one for dining, another for lounging, and a lower tier integrated with the garden for a serene escape. The use of natural materials and greenery along the tiers can create a seamless transition from home to nature.
  • Historic Elegance with Victorian-Inspired Decks: Older, historic homes can be enhanced with decks that reflect their architectural heritage. Imagine a Victorian-inspired deck with ornate wrought iron railings and classic wood flooring, adding outdoor space without compromising the home’s historic charm. These decks can include intricate details and period-appropriate colors to match the home’s aesthetic.
  • Modern Minimalism with Floating Decks: For modern, minimalist homes, a floating deck design can add a sleek and simple outdoor living area. These decks appear to ‘float’ above the ground with hidden supports, offering a clean and uncluttered look that complements the minimalist style of the home. Materials like smooth concrete or composite decking can enhance the modern feel.
  • Family-Friendly Spaces with Multi-Functional Decks: Homes with families might opt for multi-functional decks that cater to various activities. These decks can include designated play areas for children, dining spaces, and relaxation zones with built-in seating. Durable, low-maintenance materials like PVC or composite decking are ideal for withstanding frequent use and varying weather conditions.

Each style of deck offers unique benefits and aesthetic appeal, complementing the specific features and character of the property. At Olympic Decks, we specialize in tailoring deck designs to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home, ensuring your new deck is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and your property’s landscape.

Adhering to Building Codes:

Safety and structural integrity are non-negotiable. Adherence to local building codes is essential in deck building in and around Seattle. These regulations ensure that your deck is not only safe but also built to last. Consulting with professionals at Olympic Decks can provide peace of mind, especially for those unfamiliar with these codes.

Adhering to local building codes is not just a formality; it’s a crucial aspect of ensuring that your deck is safe, durable, and compliant with legal standards. Building codes are more than just guidelines, they provide the following:

  • Customized to Local Needs: Building codes in and around Seattle are designed to address specific local challenges, including weather conditions, geological factors, and environmental concerns. These codes take into account factors like rainfall levels, wind patterns, and even seismic activity to ensure that your deck can withstand local conditions.
  • Updated Safety Standards: Building codes are regularly updated to reflect the latest safety standards and construction technologies. By adhering to these codes, your deck will be built using the most current practices for safety and durability.
  • Ensuring Longevity: Compliance with building codes means your deck will be constructed to last. This includes considerations for load-bearing capacities, materials, and construction techniques that are designed to extend the life of your deck.

When it comes to deck building, cutting corners is not an option. Adhering to building codes is essential for the safety, longevity, and legality of your outdoor retreat. Trust Olympic Decks to navigate these regulations, ensuring your deck is a safe, durable, and compliant addition to your home.

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Deck Lighting and Your Custom New Deck:

Lighting plays a significant role in enhancing both the functionality and the ambiance of your deck. Exploring various lighting options can transform your deck into an enchanting evening retreat, perfect for relaxing or entertaining. Some different types of deck lighting we provide are as follows:

  • Deck Stair Lighting:
      • Enhances safety by illuminating each step.
      • Adds a subtle and elegant glow, making stairways visually appealing.
  • Undercap Lighting:
      • Provides a soft, understated light under railings or benches.
      • Creates a cozy atmosphere without overwhelming brightness.
  • Recessed Lighting:
      • Sleek and modern, embedded into the deck floor or walls.
      • Offers a clean, flush finish, perfect for a contemporary deck style.
  • Hanging Deck Lighting:
      • Includes options like string lights, lanterns, or pendant lights.
      • Brings a festive and warm ambiance, ideal for social gatherings.
  • Landscape Spotlights:
      • Highlights key features in the backyard like trees or sculptures.
      • Directs focus on specific areas, creating dramatic focal points around the deck.

Adding these lighting elements to your custom new deck not only enhances its ambiance but also elevates the overall vibe of your backyard space. Whether it’s for family BBQs, parties, or a romantic evening under the stars, our deck lighting solutions are designed to make your outdoor space welcoming and enchanting. Discover the transformative effect of deck lighting through our portfolio of custom new decks, each illuminated for beauty and functionality.

Incorporating Sustainable Drainage Solutions:

A well-planned drainage system is crucial to protect your deck’s structure and enhance its longevity. Efficient drainage solutions prevent water accumulation and damage, ensuring your deck remains a resilient outdoor haven.

Our team can fine-tune your design, ensuring every aspect of your deck is perfected. We specialize in integrating drainage solutions that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Here’s a list of how we’ve tackled drainage challenges in past projects:

  • Under-Deck Drainage for Elevated Decks:
    Installed troughs and gutters beneath deck boards to channel water away, protecting the substructure.
  • French Drain for Sloped Yards:
    Implemented a French drain system along the deck perimeter, redirecting runoff and preventing erosion.
  • Surface Grading for Poolside Decks:
    Applied subtle surface grading towards strategic drains to manage pool water effectively.
  • Integrated Gutters for Urban Spaces:
    Seamlessly incorporated gutter systems along deck edges, efficiently handling rainwater without taking extra space.
  • Rain Gardens for Eco-Friendly Drainage:
    Designed adjacent rain gardens using native plants to naturally absorb and filter deck runoff.

These streamlined solutions exemplify our approach at Olympic Decks to blending functionality with design, ensuring your deck stays dry and durable through Seattle’s varied weather conditions.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Decking:

Choosing sustainable decking materials and eco-friendly construction practices is a commitment to the environment and to healthier living spaces. These modern, mindful solutions contribute to a more sustainable future while providing you with a beautiful and functional deck. Here are five ways eco-friendly decking can pave the way for a more sustainable future:

  • Sustainable Materials: Using recycled or sustainably sourced decking materials reduces deforestation and waste.
  • Durability: Eco-friendly decks often have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and resource use.
  • Low Maintenance: These decks typically require less upkeep, minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and water for maintenance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Light-colored, reflective decking materials can reduce heat absorption, lowering energy costs for cooling.
  • Recyclability: At the end of their lifecycle, many eco-friendly decking materials can be recycled, reducing landfill waste.

By choosing these environmentally conscious options, you’re not just getting a beautiful deck – you’re also making a positive impact on the planet.

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Build a Custom New Deck With Olympic Decks

Designing your custom new deck is an exciting journey of creativity and innovation. It’s about crafting a space where memories are woven and dreams come to life. A custom deck is more than just an addition to your home; it’s a canvas for your life’s most cherished moments.

Are you ready to bring your dream deck to life? At Olympic Decks we are here to guide you through every step of the process, from innovative design to meticulous construction. Reach out to us for professional advice and collaboration on your deck project. Be the envy of your neighbors, build that dream deck with Olympic Decks!

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